Going b2b at db in rd 1- what it could look like

Heres a mock with 2 dbs what do you think?


This would be as close to a perfect draft as anyone could ever hope for.
It would give us a solid 3 year window.


I wouldn’t have any issues if that is how the draft fell. Good job

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Was thinking similarly today. It’s by far our biggest vulnerability.

Id have a hard time passing on Robinson at 18, but I am assuming he is gone by then and 6 needs to be a defender IMO.


I think that is one beautiful looking mock draft, well done


It would complete the defense and make it nasty AF. Top cover corner and top slot guy in draft. One of the top 3t and a tackling machine mlb, a project qb and a center /guard to complete right away at rg from a big 10 school, and a rb who projects to be a swift replacement. Its the best draft i have done. Almost forgot a decent te prospect to compete or stash on practice squad.


Yep agreed with all you stated. Really liked that you got a TE where you did. Think going to be a ton of value in that area with this respective TE class. I see a good amount of guys at that position that don’t require high draft capital that can develop into plus starters in this league. Which is rare usually you see TE’s being reached on

I really like it (I’m not Tucker’s biggest fan but whatever, at least it’s not a 1st rounder), but I think the PFN draft simulator is the only one where you could pull this off. Campbell, Tippman, and especially Musgrave go much higher on the others. They need to update their rankings, they’ve still got Witherspoon in the 100s ffs.


I agree CB is our biggest need… If it were me, I’m probably taking Drew Sanders at 18 and going back to CB at 48 or 55. I do love me some Sean Tucker too… Not sold on Jack Campbell. Love Tippman at 150, doubt he’s available that low.

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I mean, this would be great! I’m just not big on doubling down on CBs that early like others are, and I’m not sure any are worthy to draft that high. Okudah saw massive improvement. He was legit. But down the stretch he hit a wall. Like BH said “it’s basically his rookie season”. Okudah was worthy of a top 10 pick. So I still have high hopes. Jacobs was a difference maker. And he could get better. One of those guys should get CB1 or 2, and the other slot. They deserve it, and are good enough. With the 1st round pick CB1 or 2. Maybe draft another CB in the 4th or later. Definitely not a S that high.

I’d be incredibly down with Witherspoon and Branch. I’m not sure that Branch makes it to 18 at this point though but man I’d love to get him at 18. With the D line shaping up to be big time, I’d have no problem doubling down on DB.

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I would need to wash my shorts

Yeah, any corner they like the most and then branch at 18 would make me so happy. Our secondary needs all the help it can get.

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6 could be Robinson. The next 4 are D.

I like Witherspoon, but I like Gonzales a bit more…splitting hairs I reckon.

Not too familiar with the other guys but I could get with it. Would love to see how things fell through the second round

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