Golladay and his injury

I don’t buy that kenny is just sitting out for a contract. I think if that were the case he would say something. And seeing his attitude on the field… I doubt he’s just dogging it.

His hip injury is concerning. It was supposed to be a short term thing… but it has lingered and now there is talk of shutting him down. If it’s serious… hip injuries can be brutal and tricky to recover from. My nightmare is a repeat of the deandre levy situation. He signs a new contract and barely ever sees the field again. I think if he doesn’t come back and prove he can get over it… we should try to go after one of the other guys in free agency instead. Only way we should re-sign him without knowing he’s ok going forward is if the uncertainty lowers his value and we can get him on a prove it deal.

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Hip is by far the worst injury I’ve ever had to deal with. I’m not sure exactly what he’s dealing with but a hip injury can literally effect you from head to toe.

If I were Golladay I would shut it down, get healthy/stronger and come out with something to prove in 2021.

There is an article out there from today - he is wanting to play and simply can’t…

I read between the lines that he may have push himself too hard too soon and caused a setback…

Youngbucks learning the injury ropes!!

Hopefully he likes the new coach and the injury drops his asking price… If not, tag him or let him walk.

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We should shut him, Stafford and Ragnow down.

Let the backups play and see what we have at this point.

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Haven’t Golladay’s backups already been playing?

Maybe we can play the young guys like Hall, Cephus, and Fulgham!

He’s still taking up a roster spot. IR him and bring someone like Kennedy up off the PS.

From an article I found it sounds to me that Golladay is saying one thing and doing another. He has a muscle strain that’s lasted 8 weeks. That’s a long time for a strain. Which makes me really question his desire to play. Then the last line of this quote tells me a lot

Golladay is missing his seventh straight game with a hip flexor that hasn’t healed as fast as he would have hoped. Speaking to reporters for the first time since being injured, Golladay shot down the idea that his absence has anything to do with his contract as he heads toward free agency. He said the injury, which he described as a “muscle strain,” got tweaked, keeping him out longer.

“For sure, want to be out there on the field. Even when I was going out there [for practice], I for sure thought that I was ready or I wouldn’t have went out there,” Golladay said. “And yeah, it clearly just wasn’t ready yet, to be honest.

“It sucks, really. But I mean, I got to be smart with my body.”

Bone breaks take 6-8 weeks to heel, and the break itself can be stronger when it’s healed. A muscle strain can take longer to heal, and is quite often is weaker at the point of injury or an extended period of time, even after the pain has subsided. The man sacrifices his body on nearly every catch… I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt at this point.

And this is just another reason to like and want Bevell as the next HC

He is so much more honest and to the point…

This whole situation- New coach, New GM, team waiting to have its mismatched parts cap expire, Franchuse QB w more injuries and movable contract, not much draft capital…

Screams Tag and Trade Kenny.

Tell the new GM target is 2023 for Real Contention, same w HC and get to rehabbing this old house down to the bones…