Golladay is a beast

The play where he ripped that interception away from the defender and his touchdown both read beast mode to me. That’s a hungry receiver I feed the ball. He’s 6’4". Strong hands, good speed.


There is reason to hope for the future, but the entire back seven of the defense needs a total overhaul.

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Loved the pick at the time just based on his height. He is going to be integral in the Lions success.

I hated the pick, I thought he had been overdrafted by Quinn by at least one round. I liked him but like Glasgow I thought we could get him later.
Much like I thought we should get Penny, Guice or KJ in that order. I thought, jesus you just traded up for someone when two better backs were still available. Well, as wrong as I was about draft placement, (I was not privy to their analysis of Guice’s character.) I still liked the players. Considering the starting numbers of his draftees, he has done an admirable job. I do the draft year round. I appreciate the effort they put into it.


I was the biggest Guice guy until I saw an interview on NFL Network and something about the way he was answering their questions just soured me on wanting him on the Lions. He might still be a great player yet, but I am glad the Lions passed.

We would have lost that game without him - No question.