Golladay to visit with NYG

Obviously we didn’t know it then, but we should’ve traded him for something when we had the opportunity to to get back a pick.


What do you mean? They should have traded him last season or tag and trade?
They should still get a good comp pick for him unless he signs for waaay under market value.

Last season. There were rumors the Giants were asking about him, and everyone here obviously shut it down because Golladay was part of the plan. Hindsight is 20-20, and looking back it probably would’ve been the right move if he was just going to go there anyway.


Clearly they have a contract ready, but he needs to meet the Giants doctors and pass their medical clearance. That’s been the hold up this whole time is his injuries.

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Don’t take the cheese, Kenny!!! Whatever they might say about Quinn or Patricia, your answer has to be “they were Great” and “you owe your career to them”. It’s a test, I promise. Them boys in that circle are tight!

Ok. I think it would have been tough to trade him while he was injured but yeah, it sucks that the best they’ll get from the asset is a 3rd round comp pick which is basically an early 4th.

Mayhew did the same thing with Suh and it was one of his biggest failures.

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Yeah, but at least this one is on Quinn and not Holmes. He still has a clean track record.

I didn’t understand why we didn’t trade him either. What was BQ’s plan?

Bob offered him a fair deal and he declined. At that point you know one of 3 things are happening.

  1. He’s leaving via FA.
  2. Your going to pay him aka Dak Prescott.
  3. Your tagging him which usually upsets the player.

We should have taken the trade last season.


Question for the comp pick gurus. How does the pick get affected if Golladay only signs a 1 year deal which seems very possible . Is it based on total contract value or annual value?

There’s a formula and a bunch of factors. But the basics are.

It starts with his average pay, length of contract, how many snaps they played and did they make the probowl, etc… Points are assigned for every NFL player based on each criteria they meet. Then if they finish in the top 5% in points than a 3rd round pick is award, 10% a 4th, 15% a 5th, 25% a 6th, 35% a 7th.

Then the NFL determines how many points you gained and lost. If you lost more than you gained you are awarded comp picks.

That’s the basics of it. If he goes to the NYG and they sign him to a one year deal. He gets hurt and doesn’t make the probowl then we aren’t likely to get much.

You can read about it here.


Thanks. More complicated than I thought.

I wonder if the 32 Limit can/will be raised to account for a team forfeiting a normal Draft Pick (Pats #77 Pick) in 2021???..Would make sense to me to keep the overall Total Draft Selections - Normal Picks + Compensatory constant year to year.

They were hoping to make playoffs because there jobs depended on it. Then he got hurt.

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BQ and Fatty P were in a make the playoffs or get fired season. They were not going to trade away their best WR when it was playoffs or bust no matter how much money he turned down. He got injured, missed most of the season, it ended up sucking for all of them. They got fired and KG lost about 50 millions bucks.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini reports the Bengals have sent an offer to Kenny Golladay.

SI’s Albert Breer reports it’s a one-year “prove it” offer, and it’s unknown if Golladay has any interest. For now, Golladay is heading to New York for a visit with the Giants. His hip will likely be examined, and he’ll potentially have to answer for why he missed so much time in 2020 with the Lions. Despite the concerns, There is mutual interest between Golladay and the Giants. It appears that Golladay’s market didn’t fully develop as planned, but a deal should get done within the next 24 hours.


SOURCE: Dianna Russini on Twitter

Mar 17, 2021, 6:37 PM ET


It is complicated and somewhat a mystery. Mostly what Nick has done with comp picks is years of reverse engineering. He really has contributed to the football community in a way nobody else has.

That said, a lot of what impacts the compensation is the amount paid and the amount of playing time in 2021. So, even if it’s a 1-year deal we should be OK.

The thing I worry about is that he slow-plays this and signs with someone so late that we get no compensation at all.

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We should offer him that!


Should offer him 2 years 30 million. Year 1 $10 mill year 2 20 on a team and play.er option

A one year prove it deal is all he’s gotten offered so far eh? So much fir that 3rd round comp pick lol. Or the franchise tag. Looks like his value was severely over blown.

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