Can we please just pay this man? He is one of the best WR in the game and deserves to be paid!


He gone

Agreed, LOVE him.
Question, what does a GREAT WR do for a team that is looking to build a championship team?
Before you answer, please check the record of Dallas and it’s WR’s

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Would love some of the veteran posters to add their .10 cents.
Looks like next seasons cap will roll back. A lot of teams are going to be affected by this, a lot of cuts will come from this. What is the likelihood of signing KG, or other big talents who are expecting big time salary jumps when teams are forced to cut back. It’s going to be an interesting off season to say the least.

I’m in the minority here, but I’m on record saying we should tag him if he’s asking for something crazy like $18-20 million/year. If he’s after a reasonable contract, something like 5 years $80 million with half guaranteed, I’d probably be okay with that. One thing I’ve noticed following him on IG, he buys A LOT of expensive shit, jewelry especially… I think he’s got a lot of debt to pay back.

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So scratch my comment in the other KG thread about 32 million guaranteed being life changing if you are SMART about your money…

Its funny that you don’t want to pay him something crazy like $18-20M so you are going to tag him and pay him the amount of money that you just said is crazy.

18-20m isn’t crazy money anymore. That’s just the going rate for a WR of his caliber.

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Even if it is crazy money - he’s saying he’s going to pay him that much. Its a weird angle he’s going for.

It could be overpaying based on what the cap is like next year, though. I’d like to have him signed, but I understand waiting to see what kind of budget you’ll have to sign him with. And don’t forget Stafford’s contract will cost us $12M more against the cap next year.

How’s 4 years 80 million, 50 million guaranteed?

But it’s not like we’re suddenly going to have luck recruiting A-List free agents? We’re short on impact guys. KG is one. Personally I don’t care if we end up using 3m more per season then we had to.

I’m fine with the tag him and work it out strategy if that’s the preferred strategy but I really want him to play all of his 20s here in Detroit.

Given his age, and style of play I’d give him 4yrs $60mil, with $40mil guaranteed

As Pat Kirwan points out, the “tag and work out a deal” strategy doesn’t typically work. What we experienced with Cliff Avril is an example of how it typically goes down. As Pat says, once you tag a guy you have just told him and his agent that he’s worth that kind of money. So you are now obligated to pay him at the top of the market with a long term deal. And if you don’t, he’s not going to sign with you even if he has to take a lesser deal somewhere else, because now you’ve pissed him off. Pat says “don’t tag a guy unless you are thinking of him as a one or two year rental, because your chances of working out a deal after the tag is almost non-existent.”

Long term commitment vs short term… If he’s looking for what was rumored, then its better the pay him the tag number for 2 years IMO and kick him to the curb when he’s 30 and likely to decline.

Then you have what happened to Dak… Players betting on themselves to squeeze out an extra 2-3 million per year is a risky move in this sport.

That makes sense. I don’t care how it gets done, I just want Golladay here through the rest of his 20s.
I’d prefer to not go too far past 30 with the contract.

The math of a long term deal has already been explained to you. You are paying the same or more to tag the guy for 2 years. Your logic is not based on reality.

2 years at $35-$40 million is not the same as 5 years at $22 million with $60 million guaranteed (the rumor of what they were asking). Your math is bad if you think it’s a better deal to sign him long term.

FYI - We have another thread on this subject that has some great thoughts on it. Check it out here.