Good Lions draft day video

Holmes seemed anxious at times. It was interesting how Dan Campbell said it was John Dorsey who calmed him down. There is no substitute for experience in any walk of life. It takes a level of humility to understand that you don’t have it all figured out.

He also seemed to have Amon-Ra targeted as he was explaining to Shelia why he wanted to go nose tackle in the 3rd vs a WR.


That was awesome.


watching sheila really made me think we have ownership that’s excited about the team. it was pretty awesome watching how excited everyone was.

I’m ridiculously jealous of everyone working in that room.


Thanks for sharing, awesome vid!


So much cool stuff in that video! 37 minutes?!?! We’d be lucky to get 2 minutes in the past!

And they didn’t “reveal” anything. You can say a lot and show a lot and also not give away any “state secrets.” This video was a great demonstration of that.

Love this new regime… can’t wait for Sunday’s in the fall!


that was fantastic! I love how they are on the same page and the passion that they have. Good thing Brad didn’t have that stupid bat when Sewell fell to us :wink:


This should have wayyy more hits man.

Tremendous video.


Love this stuff and it seems like they genuinely got the guys they wanted, with the first 4 picks and Barnes in particular. They seemed particularly antsy hoping for “Iffy” to fall to them in the late 3rd round, he’s probably their best value pick IMO.

My one small beef with this video compared to the Panthers one is that they weren’t as revealing with who they had on their board and the trade offers. For instance, they said they had two guys in mind when Onwuzurike was dropping, I wonder who that other guy was. I’m guessing Barmore but who knows? Would have been cool to find out who that was.

In any event, I enjoyed this immensely. Can’t wait to see what the rooks have to offer in preseason, only two months away now.


Phenomenal look at our new leadership. This is the sort of inside info on the draft process we’ve never gotten before. Loved every second of it. This front office and coaching staff look like they’re well on their way to making football fun again in Motown baby!


I particularly liked D Campbell’s confession about Brad Holmes inspiring him. That’s a damn convicted guy…


I haven’t seen the Panthers one but will check it out. Curious to see how they differ.

To your point I agree it would’ve been great to see who else they were considering. My other thing was hearing more of the scouting reports, particularly the weaknesses of certain players.

That being said, I didn’t expect them to show any of that and focus on all the positive stuff. I’m sure there were plenty of, maybe not negative, but downside conversations and decisions they were making that were all cut from the video. And I’m sure there were a lot of super critical discussions of players and other teams they weren’t going to expose.

I think it did a nice job of providing a behind the scenes look while also not really giving a lot into the criticism they used to differentiate players and decisions, as well as other teams.

Hell I’m watching it again…


I love those Lions office chairs that Coach Dan is sitting in. Didn’t care for the idea that they put our bald dude in a $15 outdoor WalMart chair.
Sewell is gonna be a MONSTER. Possibly some rookie mistakes from switching sides? Love his hunger and intelligence.
Love that Sewell was their pick all along. “Yes sir, You won’t regret it.” GD right! Shit’s about to get real, fellas. “Can’t wait to put the pads on and run through somebody.” LOL
I’ve been in love with this team, since before I can remember.
I’m loving Sheila, and how much she cares. Feels like a real nice upgrade in ownership. Tons of faith in Brad’n’Dan.
Coach believes in “will it to happen.” LOA dude! He’ll be willing us to win, and this is what I meant with the commitment and relentless determination to have enough force to counter opposing forces (energetically). A winner is coming to Detroit soon, fellas.
There hasn’t been this much positive energy in this organization in my lifetime - not even in the Barry days.
Iffy seems really smart! Really confident energy. Love that combination, because it doesn’t feel like some friggin goofball that’s overcofindent…more like someone that genuinely believes (from a competent place) that he can get this shit done. LOVE our Nigerian connections.
I have most faith in Sewell, for sure.
I have highest hopes for McNeil (will range somewhere between serviceable and really good) and JJ. If JJ works out to his potential, he could afford us more flexibility in the future. I think a 1A and 1B is the way to go, these days. I also feel there’s a significant drop-off from Swift to Williams. I want game-changers.
Almost made me laugh to see how unshaken and stable St’Brown’s energy was. LOL.
I’m not thinking we will have the greatest record this year, but I’m expecting us to compete on both sides of the ball in a way that we’ve never seen. Winning the LOS on D and O.


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Can I get just this on a T-shirt?

Or can we get these two to make an 80’s style buddy sitcom?

Actually can I just get the T-shirt of the sitcom promo?

Thank you.

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I’m giving that video four Kool-Aid jugs!

I didn’t realize until this video that the big bear-hug celebration by Holmes with the “WHOO!” didn’t come after picking Sewell; it came the moment they realized that he was available to pick.

Whether this works out or not, it seems the draft of who they wanted went about as perfectly as it could have. So if they know what they’re doing, it’s a very good thing.


My big love and take away…

They guys are genuine.

What you see day in and day amd even on draft… they are genuine!!



It’s nice to have confidence in the leadership group for once. Tons of experience, good people from diverse backgrounds, putting egos aside and working together.

People outside of Detroit aren’t going to understand how big of a change this has been from the past … but we do.

Remember back when the very first move was to involve Spielman and Sanders in the GM/Coach interview process? And Mike Florio said we wouldn’t be able to assemble a legit staff, because of too many cooks in the kitchen. Florio was very clear that Spielman was a detriment to bringing in good people.

Holmes, Campbell, Dorsey, Lynn, Staley, Glenn, Pleasant, Antwan Randle El, Mark Brunell, etc, etc.

Just another confirmation of how stupid Florio is when commenting on non Viking NFC north teams.


I’d add the Red Sox fans into that feeling. But yes, it’ll be the greatest feeling ever when we win the super bowl in 2025!

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Has the Lions organization ever provided this type of transparency before? I absolutely love this. First time we have seen a Hard Knocks version of what is going on behind the scenes. Bring me more of this.