Grade Goff's performance as a whole this year

Grade Jared Goff over the whole season
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Over the course of the entire season, how would you grade Jared Goff?

The first half of the season I would have said D- for sure. The second half was closer to a B or B+. Overall C+ seems fair. The good news is he showed good improvement when MC/DC started calling plays as opposed to starting well and finishing poorly.

Huge year for Goff next year. If he plays well, we might extend him, if he plays poorly, he might become a career backup. Get him another good WR early in the draft or free agency to pair with St. Brown. Get Ragnow back healthy. We got a solid TE in Hock, a good stable of running backs, the O-line should be even stronger with Ragnow back and Sewell entering year 2. The offense could potentially be pretty good next year. Fingers crossed.

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I went with C- for very similar reasons, but in the end loosing 13 games I can’t give even an average grade. So, a tick below average.
(I know wins and losses are not 100% on just the QB)

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Probably too harsh, I gave him a D. Almost gave him a C- or D+. I just can’t shake the consistency with which he made some really bad throws, bonehead decisions, and some deeply concerning mechanics, which I’m not sure are fixable (time to release the ball while dropping back, etc).


Yeah, that first half of the season was BAD bad. Perhaps if he had remained healthy I could have gone C or C+. C- is where I landed.

That said, our hand hasn’t been forced this off-season. He’s shown enough to roll the dice with him another year.

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I gave him a C- , The start wasn’t all his doing or his fault, yet he really looked awkward “at times” and did some WTF things…that is what knocked him down a few steps for me. I think C+ is too generous/that’s 75%.

Before the bye week your assessment is spot on, after the bye week he played surprisingly well.


No one said “F” it yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thought he got better once DC took over the play calling.

Below Average || C-

He’s a bottom 3rd of the League QB IMO. Which is fine for a bridge QB. This is his Tier based on this years performance.

  • Jared Goff
  • Tyler Huntley
  • Taylor Heinicke
  • Taysom Hill
  • Teddy Bridgewater
  • Sam Darnold
  • Drew Lock
  • Cam Newton
  • Andy Dalton
  • Davis Mills
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I said B simply because I think considering the situation, the wr corps, rotating oline, and Lynn I give the dude credit for strolling out there no excuses and giving the team.a chance in most of the games. End of season performance was a straight A beginning of the year was D at best in most games… I am conflicted but based on his situation I say B, hoping he can prove that the end of year Goff is the one we will get this upcoming season.


I gave the staff a D for how they handled the QB situation this year, it would have been an F but DC started calling the O. So, when DC DOES start calling the O, first game is a tie. Next game, Goff is 21-25 with no turnovers and they lose. Next game they win. And then they win 2 out of the last 3 games he starts. I gave him an N/A for the games before the bye because nobody would have won with those players and OC. So my grade is from the bye on, and I gave him a B-. And he didn’t lose 13 games, he played in 14 and was 0-8 before the bye and 3-2-1 after the bye. That’s right, he had a winning record after the bye. The TEAM had a winning record after the bye.

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I gave him a B. Clearly he made mistakes that kept him from anything higher… however, it is also clear that the OC and WRs to begin the year kept him from showing his best abilities. At the end of the year, we began to see the true Goff emerge, and that was clearly B material… so I have to grade him for who he showed himself to be once the clusterf-ck around sorted its shit out.

Goff is on the pass/fail system.

He gets a pass.


I gave him a C+. The way I see it Goff did just enough at the end of the year to keep his job and not force us to draft his replacement. When St. Brown and Reynolds improved the play at WR Goff looked a lot better, so there is reason to believe he can be the guy.

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Lol, a B QB doesn’t throw the ball out bonds on 4 the down (twice). First 9 games he was part of the problem and one of the worse QBs in the league. Last seven games he played more like a B QB. Guys saying Goff isn’t response able for the first half. Drank way to much Kool aid. And are just
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Trying to give Goff an average “whole season” grade is like the average risk values give to mortgage-backed securities in the late 2000s. Misleading.

The first part of the year was total garbage for the offense as a whole, and Goff was no exception. The last part of the season, Goff looked an awful lot like the guy who’s been a top-half quarterback for the bulk of his career.

I don’t think just averaging those two values gives an accurate or meaningful grade. The real question is, which do you think is the “real” Goff and the one that we’ll see going forward?

My vote is the latter. Jared Goff is a solid B to B+ quarterback in anything but the absolute worst situation. When things are cooking, he can be A- and flirt with A any given game. He cannot overcome a crap gameplan paired with crap talent on his own.

Goff gets a passing grade. If I’m GM, I plan around him being this team’s starting QB for the long-term, pending re-evaluation and final decisionmaking at the end of next season. This is both my preference and what I predict Holmbell will do.


I love the, “He threw it away on 4th down twice” argument when judging him. They’re lucky he didn’t aim it at the staff.

All your post tells me is you were not watching.