Graham Glasgow contract extension

The above article talks a bit about him and his situation with the Lions. Solid if not spectacular is one way they described his performance in 2018, got beat by the better DTs but held his own against the rest of the league, something like that. Has versatility to play the 3 IOL spots, but apparntly not the greatest at run-blocking. With the Lions’ increased emphasis this year on the running game, the Lions evidently feel they’ll do better with Ragnow at Center and GG sliding over to RG. We shall see I guess, a lot depends on who is at the LG position. Neither Aboushi or Wiggins is supposedly all that good at run-blocking either, which does sorta give one pause for thought. At this point, it doesn’t look like Crosby is getting much of a look inside, but Dahl apparently is getting looks everywhere, so things are wide open for that 5th startng job on the OL. At least IMHO.

No news yet on GG and his contract extension; I do hope they can get that done, but maybe the guy wants to hit FA for more money if the Lions are lowballing him somewhat. If he doesn’t sign then he runs the risk of an injury that costs him a lot of money as an FA, so we’ll see how it goes.

PS: I just don’t think Beau Ben is NFL-ready yet. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think he needs a year to sort of learn the ropes and the tricks of the trade. Plus getting a little bigger and stronger maybe.

He has been pretty solid. I hope we extend at a reasonable price.

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What do you consider reasonable?

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I am thinking $2.5-5.5. Gets him into a nice range for right guards.

That’s where I’m at as well. If he wants more than that I’d let him walk and take the comp pick

He’s getting more than that. If he’s extended it’s going to come in at $7-$8m per year IMO. Revenues and hence salaries for good young starters on the rise.

I do agree about the comp pick thing, but that means you are skipping big time free agents as well. If instead they’re planning to be buyers in FA then he’s worth that kind of money IMO. He’s an above average NFL player at C and G. Now he may just be good rather than great but he’s a solid and versatile OL and that will be in high demand IMO.

Yep. You can’t just look at him as a G if he can also play C. If your starter gets hurt, you’ll be thankful you got a quality spare tire.

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Wondering if Glasgow has played at RG in the pros, are we assuming facts not in evidence that he could be good there? The other thing is, what’s he asking for, how much? Does he want to hit the FA market? Can’t blame the guy at all, but the Lions shouldn’t be overpaying a guy when you don’t even know for sure how well he can play at his new position.

That said, I hope we don’t lose him but that’s life in the NFL.

I’d guess he wants to stay local, he’s been in Michigan for 7 or 8 years now, his younger brother plays @ UM which might make him partial to staying close. I’m all for letting him play out the year @ RG and see where he’s at. He doesn’t play a premier position, I’d be willing to let him walk if he wants more than 8/year.

That’s what Millen said about Hartings playing C…

Seems to me that it’s easier to play G than C.