Great article on Lions long term vision

Still don’t get the Goff is a bridge thing but overall a good article recognizing that Brad and Dan are building a long term winner in Detroit.


I agree, I believe he’s the long term plan. He’s playing very well. He appears to have his confidence back. Once he and Jamo get on the same page, the passing game could be scary good. Still believe we need a RB badly. Hoping for Robinson or Gibbs.

Wish Penix had come out, would have loved him in the 2nd or 3rd as a back up with a lot of upside.


Just finished some Robinson highlights. He plays better than most RB’s I have seen in the phone booth. Very elusive, great vision and gets so skinny. He would give defenses fits. This would mega open up play action and we know how that goes for opposing defenses and thats BEFORE Jamo really gets going. Would love to see Carter as 1 and Robinson as 2 in the first round if the draft fell that way.


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My thoughts exactly!

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Gibby…please come to Detroit and be “Sproles” for us!

LOL, a slightly bigger Sproles. He was fun to watch though, loved him at K state and as a Pro

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