Great article on why we need to pay KG!

Great stat break down on his production: he literally matched CJs prudctiom I thier first 45 games!

Last thee games with KG 2-1 without win less!!


He now has 177 catches for 2,954 yards in just 45 career games for Detroit. For comparison, Calvin Johnson had 193 catches for 3,071 yards in his first 45 games for the franchise. Johnson also scored 21 touchdowns in those games.

Kenny Golladay: 21 touchdowns.

That’s more than every receiver from the 2017 draft not named Cooper Kupp, and that 2017 draft featured three receivers taken in the first 10 picks. Simply put, Golladay – the 96th pick that year – has been one of the biggest steals of his draft class. So you can understand why he’d now want to be paid for it.

Top-10 receiver money checks in at $16.25 million annually these days. With the way Golladay is playing and where the market is headed, he could be looking for even more than that. Top-five money currently sits at $19.25 million.

Of course the Lions also have the franchise tag as a recourse. In 2020, the going rate for a receiver on the tag was $17.865 million.

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Golladay is a top WR, not sure if top ten but that is how the market works. I want them to sign him, but reasonably so that they are never on the hook more than 3 years.

If CJ was a top ten and as a lower draft pick, KG I has matched CJs production to a “T” I have to give him the title too!!

He’s a good receiver. Isn’t in the same class as CJ, because of his average speed.

Also, when you are on a losing team, and you are 117th in the league with 14 catches, I’m not sure it’s the best time to post ‘this shit gone cost you’.

Maybe wait until you are in the top 100 in the league before you demand 20 mil a year, and then call out the team that drafted you.

It’s a body of work imho not just his last three games … which he helped them win 2 of 3!

Sometime I think we demand too much for too little

I’m not arguing for or against resigning KG. But if his asking price is that of top 5 money… I am not convinced that we should pay that. We were able to get Tate, Amendola and Marvin Jones via free agency and their contracts combined are less than a top 5 WR is paid. There’s a lot of good teams who do not have much money spent at WR. Every year good WR’s Are found in the mid to late rounds of the draft.

I just wonder if it is wise to spend big money on a WR?

Look at Dallas for example. They spent 100 Million on Cooper. He has 503 yards and 2 TD’s. They took Lamb in round 1 in the last draft. He has 497 yards and 2 TD’s. They also drafted Gallup in round 3 of the 2018 draft and he has 371 yards and 1 TD. Was Cooper really worth the 100 Million contract?

I just question wether it is wise to pay top WR money.

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Understand BR brother and this concept is why I’m glad I’m not BQ!!

I just feel for the first 45 games he has met the same production as CJ… he is imho a top ten wr… but what to pay t man is as you state a different matter as well!! :heart:

Not to mention it’s a Covid year and we really do not know the implications of the future NFL cap. Right now the NFL has set the floor of the 2021 cap at 175 Mil. That’s 22 mil less than 2020. What if it actually drops and then drops again in 2022. A huge contract tied up on a WR could be difficult to work around. Mayhew had this problem with SUH and CJ’s contracts.

I think id take the wait and see approach and plan to use the tag on him. I’d target FA WR’s that I think I can get for less and then decide what to do from there.

I think the cap situation is why you saw teams trade away star WR’s this offseason. I think it’s also the reason several good WR’s have not gotten an extension yet. NFL teams are in wait and see mode.

I’d give him Tyreek Hill’s contract. Maybe even go up to 20 per. I’d really like to keep it to 3 years though.

I would be okay letting him go at $20 mill a season. I like him, but c’mon. For $20 mill he better be top 5 and I don’t think he is.

Some of the Free agent WR’s hitting the market in 2021 are. There’s a lot more than this and as you can see there’s a few top shelf guys too. Hopefully this helps to set the market.

Allen Robinson
Keenan Allen
Chris Godwin
Cooper Kupp
Sammy Watkins
Kenny Golladay
JuJu Smith-Schuster
Mike Williams
A.J. Green
Marvin Jones
T.Y. Hilton
Danny Amendola

I wouldn’t mind pawning JuJu out of Pittsburgh. His role is reduced. Can we pawn Davis for him. LOL, I’m sure that is a pipe dream.

We need to do something though because were facing a problem in 2021. Relying on rookie WR is dicey.