Green Bay awarded 2025 Draft event

It makes sense in many ways due to the NFL history and large following the Packers have.
The biggest question I have is does this market have enough hotel rooms to serve the number of fans attending. IIRC correctly it was in the 100s of thousands that attend.

edit: Consider that Nashville, Tennessee, the host for the 2019 draft — the last live draft event before the COVID-19 pandemic shut things down — drew an estimated 600,000 people and an estimated economic impact of $223.9 million in direct and indirect spending in that city.

That 600,000 attendance estimate was a total over three days and was arrived at with the help of NFL OnePass app check-ins. The free app provides information on schedules, player appearances, contests and other digital features during the three-day event, Thursday through Saturday.

More than 300,000 fans attended the NFL Draft in Las Vegas from Thursday to Saturday, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Monday.

My only experience in GB was attending the airshow in Kenosha for work. Our hotel was in Appleton. I guess the league must have crunched the numbers on hotel rooms, but I’m skeptical. At least in DET if you have bad weather you’re in the downtown core of a big city. No need do much commuting.

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So I guess the streak of the Super Bowl winner hosting the draft a few months later will end after us.

Green Who ?

Makes perfect sense, Jordan Love has 2 years on his new deal. Love will be mediocre in 2023, the Pack decides he’s not the future, go full tank mode in 2024, and ensure the 1st pick in the 2025 nfl draft in GB to get the next franchise QB! Book it.

So, I used to fish out of Kewaunee on Lake Michigan, short drive under normal circumstances. This is going to be the biggest cluster ■■■■ ever, no way can they accommodate the traffic, the parking OR hotels and just feeding that amount of people. Right now you can book into April of next year at most places, so basically a year from now is when you can start looking to book a place if you want to go.

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Yeah, not a shot at GB per se, but is there a worse hometown scenario?

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Honestly no. Green Bay doesn’t have the resources to make it work or even be functional, so the NFL is going to have to pony up large just to try and make it respectable.


I just booked my stay…

Kunes RV Green Bay, Wisconsin


What kind of rate did they give you, I bet they don’t know about the draft yet.


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This was my thought too. Get thise campground spaces.

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" thise" is the correct context when describing GB. Not a shot weezy, just a clarification.


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