Green Bay to take their “rightful” place atop the North

Are those green lips from drinking the green kool-aid?


This will not be an uncommon take. They’re good, and stressed SF in the playoffs almost as much as we did. And their roster is full of youth (though they will have to give their QB a big contract boost soon).


IMO there lack of star power is being cast away with too much zeal.

I also think Aaron Jones was their Alpha and they are completely underestimating how much his leadership and explosive play generation will be missed. Jacob’s “lucked” into a few anomalistic runs in 2023 but generally is more three down workhorse.

Lastly while they will take a step up DC wise but while McKinney is a good player and their best bet to address the problem, I think his range will absolutely be tested by how much single high they are apparently planning on playing.

They’ll be good but I think they have four more questions than we do. I also think there is an unknown in terms of producing like they did on that hot spell once there is tape against that cast of characters and a full off-season to scheme.

We’re winning the division again.


If the Lions pass Defense goes from 30th in the league to ANYTHING BETTER :joy: …the Pack ain’t passin us.

Pun intended.


Green Bay will certainly be tough.

It’s the reasoning that as Detroit has hit its ceiling, and Green Bay has already proven it can beat Detroit…therefore because the Packers got better in offseason and Lions have already hit their ceiling, Green Bay wins.

I can’t wait to see the Lions play the Packers. Those games are gonna be good. :sunglasses:

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Love had his Scott Mitchell good half of a season and now the Fudge Pack are all giddy. The league will figure out what Love can’t do soon enough and he’ll be quite mediocre all while being paid $50+ million. Goff has been playing pretty well for the better part of a decade. Our young guys are better studs than GB’s and I expect them to start garnering more All Pro selections as they mature.


I would bet on that as well. I just expect us to see a lot of “GB is taking Detroit down” pieces as the season approaches, and I understand the argument. I also think it’s possible their defense takes a HUGE leap forward. Barry was holding them back and the amount of 1st round talent they have is unprecedented. To the point where it might be difficult to take advantage of McKinney’s lack of range.

But that’s only a potential outcome, and I wouldn’t bet on it either.


As do I

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I don’t think last year was Detroit’s ceiling. The defense should be pretty radically improved with the biggest weakness having been completely flooded with talent and competition in the off-season. Add in Reader and a Hopefully improved DE situation and I think we will be much closer to the actual ceiling this year


Clearly! Our Corner’s and opposite Edge were a problem.
Our CB room is now one of the best in the league.
Hutch will have help getting pressure.
Love needs to take a good long look at the ground before playing the Lions because he’s going to spend the games on his back.


… and don’t forget that Jamo was still shaking off the rust.

It’s a near-certainty that Detroit will be every bit as good as last year, assuming reasonable health, and there’s also a solid chance that all the phases could be improved.

There’s always luck, health, etc. that factor into the final outcome, but I don’t understand how a reasonable person could think that the Packers have improved enough on paper to overcome the Lions and their improvements.


They’re right there with Detroit.

But Detroit’s defense was not great. The pass defense was horrific. And Holmes spent all off-season working to fix it.

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We lost that game due to turn over and imho we walked into that game too cocky and arrogantly …. We were down 20-6 in the first quarter….

This is remainder game for the coaches to show the players…. Play to win; don’t assume you’re going to win

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Herm is that you? :wink:

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And the refs favor them. Don’t forget that. They are looking at 2-4 extra wins per year just based on how the refs call the game.


I disagree, but don’t mind a take that picks the Packers to win the division. But they can get bent saying they are the “rightful” champions of the division. I mean wtf cheeseheads. Entitled much?

My favorite part of the analysis was saying how the Packers got better without mentioning how vastly improved our secondary is.


I’ve watched more nature shows than Donnie Brasco and while zebras have good camouflage eventually the Lions always tracks them down and devour them.

Matter of time.


I think we need to slow down a bit here. We are hoping for “average” at best.

Coming soon to a theater near you—Jordan $ Love at $55 Million APY.