Green Bay to take their “rightful” place atop the North

I’m really curious to see how Hafley does. Sound like he wants to run the defense a bit like AG does. Really curious to see those DBs and how they hold up in man with single high over the top. If Jaire continues his audition for How High 2 they may be undermanned. We may see some Carrington Valentine’s Day massacres.


Though he admittedly played admirably last year. Doubt Stokes can be trusted.

CB is their weakest area imo. More so than safety. Jaire’s a star when he’s invested but a liability when he’s not. Stokes sucks, as you said, and Valentine is more or less just a guy, though he definitely exceeded expectations. Nixon is a decent nickel, but of course much more dangerous on special teams. Or at least he used to be.

Green Bay struggled to run the ball against us last year, even in the game where they were leading.

I like McKinney but his range is from instincts rather than movement skills. I get that he’s generally lauded for his work in single high but I think there is some underlying vulnerability there. But I agree, CB is the primary issue and it may come back to bite them.

Yeah I wouldn’t say they’re great at safety, but I’ve always been a fan of spamming a position in the mid-late rounds like they did. They’ve done it at WR and RB and one usually hits, sometimes two (Jones and Swaggy). I mean MVS was probably the best of the WRs they spammed which isn’t great, but still pretty good value overall.

2022 Josh Jacobs seems like an outlier. He was a pissed off 24 year old in a contract year with a staff that was willing to run him into the ground. The guy had 400 touches on the season. His stats say slightly less, but he also had an awkwardly large workload in preseason that easily justifies calling it a 400+ touch season. He had an expected regression after that. Not only did he get paid and regress back to who he was, but he also took a step back beyond that. Which is to be expected after a 40+ touch season. Many RBs careers never recovered after that many touches in a season.

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Again I’m a Lions fan… but shitting on Josh Jacobs is hilarious to me. Dude is a good RB and only 25.

I hope u guys are right… but we shall see

Here is Josh Jacobs. Notice the yards per carry. It spiked in his 2 most motivated years. The first was when trying to prove himself as a rookie. The second is when he felt his entire career was on the line in 2022. Having his highest yards per carry in his highest year for carries is an outlier of outliers. His seasons at 3.9 and 4.0 yards per carry showed where he naturally slotted in the NFL minus “hair on fire” effort. The extra drop down to 3.5 yards per carry shows a beat up body in addition to a regression to the mean.


Again I love it @Mr.Peabody

I want the packers players to rot in hell. Lol

But we shall see.

Packers have very little star power. Sure they have some useful young players, but who are the players they can turn to in critical moments?

When people talk about them being contenders and overtaking the Lions, they are presuming Love takes another step and has an MVP caliber season. I think that is far from a given and I wouldn’t be surprised if his play regresses a bit.

If not Love, who is the player on offense that can carry them in critical moments? Who is that player on defense? Rashan Gary? He’s never even had double digit sacks. Kenny Clark? Sure he is pretty good, but I would not consider him a star. Jaire Alexander? Has dealt with injuries the past few years and it feels like a long time ago when he was considered one of the best CBs in the league.

They just don’t fear me. There is literally not a single player on that team that worries me going into a game.

I’m not saying they are a 6 win team, I just don’t think they are among the contenders in the NFC. They are down there with teams like the Cowboys/Rams, but probably the worst of that group. They are just above teams like Seattle and Atlanta.

Now if Jordan Love is in the MVP conversation, Christian Watson stays healthy and has 1,300+ yards, Jaire Alexander stays healthy and is still a lockdown CB, and Lukas Van Ness breaks out with double digit sacks then that can change the conversation, but I find most of these things happening extremely unlikely.


Isn’t his deal this year only a one-year deal in reality? I was listening to a podcast and they said something like it was really a 1-year, $14M deal and he was playing for the rest of it. So in that sense he’s basically a RB in a contract year. So we might see his best.

Love had 64% completions for over 4,000 yards with 32 TDs to only 11 INTs. I think like any young QB he needs to “clean up some things” in his game. But I don’t someone has to grade him on a curve to think he had a good season.

I have said that the 2023 Packers were probably a 6 win team. But since they are the Packers, they are gifted 2-4 wins per year. So they were artificially taken to 9 wins last year. For example, they were handed a win vs the Saints last year. They were down 17-0 in the 4th quarter and the offense was struggling big time. That’s when the refs stepped in and gifted them flags to get the ball downfield.


Down 17-3 and in desperate need to make something happen, the refs called back to back pass interference penalties on the Saints. One was for 45 yards and the next one was for 22 yards. The problem is neither one of them happened!

Sounds good. I’m not particularly intimidated by Josh Jacob’s’ best. Not saying he’s a scrub by any means. Just that we’re a plenty good enough of a team to withstand Josh Jacobs.

They’re bringing a M5 to the race. It’s nice. Very useful with plenty of high end trim and accessories. Cool.

We’re bringing our f$cking Ferrari.

Can’t wait for the race to start.

Moone Boy Waiting GIF by HULU

Yeah I’m not overly worried about him either. But he is in a good situation, and in the sense that any decent back should be able to produce there, I think an above average one could produce quite a lot. Which also doesn’t really bother me. Forcing Love into mistakes will be the name of the game against them, I’m pretty sure.

Speaking of…

He’s not good enough to play for us anymore but I still miss the guy.

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He was huge for us because of the culture we were trying to establish in the 2 years he was here. Those dark and uncertain times were made more bearable for everyone because of Swaggy.

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He was so much fun. I do miss the entertainment value he brought. I think it’ll be a long time before we see anyone like him again.

Going to filet myself open here for a sec. This whole regime has helped me personally more than I thought possible by a sports franchise and the reason is their focus on authenticity. Has really made me think about and act on just being more transparent and authentic in my interactions. And that was difficult for me at first bc in hospitality you kind of want to play the role straight down the middle. So there is a balance there. But basic themes of the franchise under Dan and Brad are surprisingly good lessons for healthy personal interactions and relationships. And Swaggy was the ideal personification of all of that.

Hope he’s our RB coach in a couple years.


I’d like to say I was already dealing with nothing but authentic relationships, but…

Swaggy would also be great in the media too.

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Well there is inherently a transient element to my occupation so I suppose it’s a bit different than many. And this antiquated idea of hospitality as theatre plays a role as well. But I do think that is going the way of white tablecloths. As people encounter less and less actual interactions with actual people it makes sense that they would prefer those be authentic rather than people playing a role bc of entrenched professional mores.