Greetings from Hong Kong

Missed the game traveling. Looks like the Leo’s kept it interesting for a while

Seems like Stafford has trades in his penchant for last minute game winning drives to last minute picks or fumbles

Aaron Donald was making two men whiff on the regular. On the fumble, Stafford didn’t even complete his drop before Donald was on him.

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Me Hung Lo.

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Hey, say HI to Sum Ting Wong if you see him…


Ho lee fuk!

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Creme of Sum Yung Guy

Oh, also Wee Tu Lo. Haven’t heard from that dude in forever…

Best news troll ever

It’s funny no matter how many times you listen to it.

And what a zombie the lady is to not realize how funny it is what she’s reading…

WTF…That’s real? How did that make it in local news?

Some people got fired…