Greg Dortch as a PR

If Agnew struggles at all fielding punts this week think we should sign Dortch off of the Jets PS and make him our PR and Ty Johnson our KR. Cut Lacy to make room. Thoughts?

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I know nothing of Greg Dortch but have had similar thoughts of perhaps bringing back Brandon Powell currently on the Falcons practice squad.

McKissick is already on the roster, and he used to do it.

Man, you guys sure are jumping off the Agnew wagon fast!

Agnew will be fine, let’s just chill.

Part of if is that I really liked Dortch at Wake. He’s tiny but he’s a weapon or was one in college at least.

Amendola will likely become the PR if Agnew continues to have issues.

This is definitely the way to go

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I liked Dortch too…but he’s going to have a hard time sticking on a roster, mostly just a gimmick guy.

He’s a better WR than Lacy IMO. He’s just small