Greg Schiano abruptly resigns from Pats staff

Ah yes, his faith and family, eh?

Was he caught with a hooker?

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That’s probably code for, I can’t work for Robert Kraft with a clear conscience.


Even the defensive coaches don’t want to be there if there’s no Gronk


Every time I’ve seen this excuse used it’s because someones been caught cheating. Just have to wait to see if they end up with a joint Facebook account next.


Maybe he’s got a big college deal in the works. Nobody here knows but they all want to spout bullshit. That’s the way of things.

So, it turns out he did not want to be a long distance dad with a daughter a sophomore in high school.

Pretty neat if you ask me.

Is his daughter’s name Mee Lang and did he meet her through Robert Craft while in Palm Beach?

I’m joking…