Grit can only take you so far when you're stupid

It’s frustrating because we said the exact same thing last year against the Seahawks. In the last 3 seasons Seattle is 3-0 against us having scored 136 points and 1,400 yards in those games. That’s pathetic by Glenn and his defense by any metric.

That’s bullshit , even with them turnovers if we take the points we would have won. We go for it when we shouldn’t then at the end when we got the ball and a chance win we go all Conservative . This team had a chance but didn’t have the horses to get it done. Turn overs were bad but we were still in a position to win but didn’t. I guess when you have the turn overs nothing else counts after that. Sounds like a lot of Kool aid.

Ok — THIS is the primary take from the game

This and the fact that the DL got virtually no pressure today

Yep, good point. Like you said, fumbles, interceptions, and bad passes are going to happen. But what is 100% under your control is making smart situational football decisions. Campbell failed at that today and certainly contributed to the loss.

Campbell’s decisions and the horrendous defense are by far the reason for this loss today.

Even with all the mistakes and ass leading up to the last drive in regulation, at least go for a TD instead playing for a FG and OT on that final drive. Cant go full gut-less, play it safe turtle, when you’re balls to the wall, biting kneecaps the whole game up to that point. Imo, ultimately, this loss falls in Dan on not staying aggressive til the end. And before anyone says “bUT yEw DoNt KnOw WHat daan WAs thIknIn tHAt LasT driVE!!”, yes, he even admittied in his post game presser that they were only playing for a FG that last drive

Not at all what he said. Not even close in fact.

How is that bullshit? Turnovers and points off turnovers are key intangibles in every game. lol

If you need someone to blame for the lose that’s your bag but the facts don’t change.

Uhhh, yeah, yes he did…guess I need to find the transcript. I heard him basically say that they were playing it safe for a FG to send it to OT…guess I need to find the transcript, otherwise my ears are in a different reality.

No need to find the transcript I’ll help you. He said they felt comfortable going for the TD and had plenty of time but didn’t want to give the ball back. And he already in his mind had decided that if it came to a 4th down, they needed to be at a certain yardage to go for it. They weren’t. So he kicked the field goal.

If that is “playing for the field goal.”, maybe MY ears are in a different reality.

The fact don’t change , even with them 14 points your crying about, if we took them last 3 points we would have still won the game. And even after that we had the ball and was driving but couldn’t make the play and took the 3. We had a opportunity to over come them turn overs but failed to do it. But Seattle they had people step up and they got the touchdown. That’s were the game was lost they scored when they needed and we come up short.

Yeahhhh, well it was clear they didnt even go for “a certain type of yardage” to go for it simply by the play cals. And listening to him, and how he said it, and how aggressive he was all game, I’m not buying that he was playing for a FG and OT the way that drive went, and the way his answer went. He wasnt playing for a TD that last drive, no matter how you wanna spin it.

I don’t know that you can just look at turnovers. If Goff goes 3 and out and we punt the ball to the other teams 20 or Goff leads a drive to the 20 and the RB fumbles, it’s the same result. Goff had a rating of 122 and put up 31 points without any turnovers from an inept looking Lions D. I think we had a chance to win the game with better decisions from Dan.

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4th down decisions are pretty major too…that’s something you can 100% control as a coach. He puts his teams in really tough spots.

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Okay so you said he admitted to going for a FG, I informed you that he didn’t, provided information about how he didn’t, and you go with, “I don’t care what he said, he was going for a FG”, and “no matter how I want to spin it”?

Be critical of Dan all you want, and believe whatever you want. But after a loss when everybody on the team including coaches is already getting shit on, there’s no need to put words in his mouth that aren’t true or then insinuate that I’m somehow twisting it.

You’re sitting here bitching about 3 points when our O spotted them 14 on a day our D didn’t play well. If this is your hill to die on so be it but again the team loses the turnover battle usually loses in the NFL for a reason.

DC is not stupid, he’s too aggressive sometimes.

Today I felt the players on D were a bit nervous, coach should senses that and not put them in tough situations. More importantly, rally the troops, get some energy going