Ground Hog Day

Rebuild after rebuild after rebuld…does it ever end with this front office cast of professional ne’er do wells? We will be screaming for his coachs head by Thanksgiving and he will be cleaning out his office in 18 months. Hence the next rebuild will be under way.

New thread. Same rant.

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Yeah, almost like it’s groundhog day. :thinking:

If I expect this team to be winning, at this point in the new administration, do I not deserve to experience groundhog day?
This feels very different, venters. :wink:
Dan vs Patricia
Brad vs Quinn
We have an office linebacker now.

Gonna be hard for Lions fans to hear the words “be patient,” but it might be the clearest path to happiness.

I am not trying to be negative but this team will be circling drain by Thanksgiving. SF laid down after they up by 20 and lions fans are giddy about a comeback that fell short. I am getting that Rod Marinelli feeling all over again.

Hey! The Lions bit off a bunch of knee caps! I don’t wish injuries but damn, how many injuries did the 49ers suffter?

Agree. It is very different. It’s been well documented.

I understand the frustration and lack of patience … fans/people see this franchise in a glass-half-empty manner for a good reason.

So I’m not going to hate on the fans who are stuck on the ‘Same old Lions’ theme. But I do feel a little sorry for them.

I’ve chosen to lighten up a little, be open to change. Should allow for more enjoyment of football in general.

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So true, bro. I noticed myself being a little tough on a couple of guys, last week (Not super-tough, but like level 1-3 irritation/impatience showing up in me). Lions fans have been experiencing ridiculous amounts of repeated failure for a literal lifetime.

That said, we get to pick
…Do I want to project the past into the future and see, feel, and experience the same thing?
…Do I get present in the moment and see it for exactly what it is. Schwartz and Caldwell were tough to experience as fans, giving us juuuuust enough tease to think they may do something. Also, they are not the same as Nellie/Millen/Mooch/Quinn/Mariuchi (sp)/MorningWig (can’t spell that either). I know Clark, Rodgers, and more have been in there, and it ALL has been brutal.

…THIS isn’t THAT :wink:
Need more depth and talent on the roster, for sure. Make no mistake about it, this is not the same thing.

Such good recognition that it is a choice.
If you don’t view showing up in your own way as a choice, you are a victim to circumstance.

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A new coach, a season but the same ole stink of failure from our predictable Detroit Lions. Another season of moral victories and fatal mistakes. Crack the seal on the Jim Beam and maintain a healthy supply of ice, Coke a Cola and Malox!!

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Coach can only do so much. Ultimately it’s a middle aged guy that doesn’t play football.


If thats the case how do you fix this mess.

So you are saying we can make a difference?

Wait for the long painful rebuild. Hope this crew is better than the last. Magic beans.


Jesus Christ could be under center and you would have the same results.

There are parallels… Lions players get “crucified” on this board quite often.

Disclaimer… that is meant entirely to be lighthearted and I will delete it if that is offensive at all. I do not want to make light of anyone’s faith.

As a TLM-attending trad Catholic, I can tell you that watching the Lions counts as mortification of the flesh, and leads to holiness.


Funny that so many come here only to shed their darkness

Dude, it’s a game….

Love my Lions and always will. But! On the priory list of life? They are somewhere near the bottom 1000……

Enjoy today people and smile as it’s all we have been given!!

And, 19-1 until proven otherwise baby!!

GB here we come!!


It was our first real game it ‘was’ brutal I even called game over before our guys began to fight back and almost win a come from behind victory. that did not happen , BUT it gave me real hope because they didn’t just lie down and quit, they fought hard…THAT is what I am encouraged by. I knew we would have things to work on-and we do 80 % on defense.

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It’s not all doom and gloom. Sewell looked solid and the running game ripped off several 10+ yard runs with J-Will and Swift both having over 100 yards total.

The defense needs a ton of work though.


If you crack a seal, don’t announce it publicly…or someone could report you to PETA.

Such drama. Jesus would murder ass, bro! He knows the force (source)!

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