Guess The Player?

The fact that he is still playing today and was a pretty good players narrows down the list.

If I had to guess I would say Jarvis Landry. Other options could be Tannehill, Billy Turner, DeVante Parker, Bobby McCain, Suh, Olivier Vernon, and Ja’Whaun James.

I assumed Incognito. He’s still a FA but not yet retired from what I recall.


Richie definitely sidn’t strike me as being “incognito” on this one… looks like he has slammed a few beers in his time.

This isn’t even a speed bump for the NFL.

“I had gotten really bad. I mean my place was almost like a crack house, not where you sold it, but I had a lot of stuff in my house,” _____ said in the interview, adding that at the time he didn’t want to know anyone who wasn’t an addict, dealer or hooker."

Guess the player.




Sister Mary Francis!

Yep…" Taylor was named All-NFC ten times, elected to ten Pro Bowls, named Defensive Player of the Year three times, and was named to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team in 1994. LT was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on January 30, 1999 and formally inducted into the Hall of Fame on August 7, 1999 ."

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I’d guess the same… although who knows.

Anyone besides a QB is a good guess because he said he never had missed assignments, so assuming that’s something said more about positional players than QBs.

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Sunglasses Hiding GIF by Soul Train

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My first guess was Incognito

No one came to mind for me, but as soon as I had seen his name suggested, I thought “of course!”.

Dan isn’t the kind of guy that would “out” a player randomly. So that leads us to believe it was a player that had already outed himself. From that standpoint Incognito fits the bill.

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I didn’t even think of Incognito. I know he’s floated around the last couple years.

Pretty sure Incognito learned how to play OG in the NFL from Conrad Dobler.

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