Guess which team has the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL?

From ESPN’s Mike Clay:

I see one additional win, tops.

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Sadly, the flip side to this is we had the weakest NFC SOS to date… I am hoping to just look at and win this Sunday!

then we worry about Tenn…!


We’re going to see what these Lions are all about. Will they fight or will they fold because of a tough schedule? All this talk about Bevell changing the culture is really premature. That was an awesome win against the Bears, I absolutely loved it. But the culture hasn’t changed yet. The players need to stop this talk of having fun & be ready to work really hard the next 4 weeks.

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Detroit better learn how to defend the run pronto!!


Green Bay is in some deep shit. :wink:


Actually, if we get another win, I’d expect it to be against the Packers or Viqueens.

The Lions generally play their division rivals tough, even in years that the Lions suck.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Lions get the upset win Sunday. Green Bay a lot of time has letdowns. It also wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Packers blew the Lions out either. I’m definitely hoping for a Lions win. I’m also hoping for the Lions to win a very high scoring game because Davante Adams is on my fantasy team.


I think that Chicago victory is the last one we’ll see for nearly another year.

The Titans haven’t been playing very well for about two months and with Tampa it just depends what team shows up. They’re rather Jekyll & Hyde.

Plus, we’re undefeated under this HC. :wink:


They definitely play the Packers tough in recent years.
The Bears are very close games too.
The Vikings…not so much in 2018, they lost 27-9 and 24-9, not so much in 2019 they were down 20-6 and 20-0 until garbage time. This year the Vikings were up 34-13 until garbage time.

If they are going to get a win I would bet on them beating GB.

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I’ll do my part for the Lions. Gonna bet on the Packers to win. Might cost me a few bucks but, it’s a pretty tried and true plan.


The old reverse psychology play? I’ve used it many times myself. It works sometimes.


Geez how does this game tell you what there about ? Lols, Haven’t you been watching all year, this team is not on the same level with green bay we have a defense that gives up points like candy on Holloween. We have our top WR not playing, we have our top Dlineman out and our running back is coming back from a concussion and is said not to be himself. And if we loose it will be we can’t beat a good team and Stafford got out played by Rodgers. Even thou they are the better team going in. If we loose this game the only thing it’s says is we are not as good of a team as the Packers. Witch is that what you believe that this Lions team is as good as the packer team ? Cause I see a team with a much better defense and all heathly wrs with a good QB, a heathly really good RB against a defense that has trouble stopping the run. This packer team is superior to this Lions team. But in the end if we loose it will be Stafford and the Lions can’t beat a winning team. Lols

Where did I ever say I ever say I believe that this Lions team is as a good as the Packers team? I never once said I believed that. Show me where I said that troll. I said that the Packers sometimes suffer letdowns and that I would love to see the Lions upset them. I think all Lions fans would love to see that except for the tanking supporters. It’s obvious you seem want to troll me in multiple discussions with your 4th grade sarcasm. Keep on doing whatever you gives you joy there son. I’ll deal with you in the appropriate manner by ignoring you from this point forward. Toodles Jerry.

Here’s a stat that will blow everybody’s mind… The Lions have had double digit leads in the last 7 games against the Packers.

Either the Packers take them really lightly or the Lions match up well with them. I’d expect a competitive game on Sunday at the least.

It’s odd. They play horribly against the Vikings but well against the Packers the last several years. Just a match up thing I suppose.

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That’s a very interesting stat about the Lions double digit leads in recents games against the Pack. That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Green Bay is a great team this for the most part this year. They have come apart in some games this year. They looked horrible in that 38-10 beatdown by Tampa a few weeks ago. They really struggled against a really bad Jags team & only beat them 24-20 at Lambeau. But Green Bay has been a great team for the most part this year. They have an outstanding QB and Davante is just phenomenal. I think the Pack will prevail tomorrow 31-21. But I would be extremely happy to be wrong & see the Lions pull the upset. My prediction record is horrible BTW

What you said is this game will tell you all you need to know. My point is this game doesn’t tell you much at this point most already know what this team is. You are right we always seem to play Packers tuff. And a upset could be in the making and if we do upset them we will have beat a much better and heathier team. And yes a win would be great for this team and fans. But to act like this is a defining game is a stretch were kinda out classed . Stafford does seem to play well against the pack most of the time. And why is anyone that Questions your opinion a troll ? Yet your the one calling me a 4th grader and always calling poster names that disagrees with you. Guess that another small sighted opinion.

If this team really wants to make a run, every game remaining is of equal importance. The Packers are just another team on the schedule, and they will win, lose, or tie. If the team believes they deserve a playoff opportunity, it’s clear as glass what has to happen.