Guess Who...No Googling

“If I had a dick, this is where I’d tell you to suck it”

Could you tell by looking at her? I couldn’t.
She kind of looks like Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island, crossed with Elaine Bennes.

No, once I found out, I can see it in her eyes.

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I didnt google her but i think i can guess. Martha?

She is from the world of entertainment. She has been on a few TV shows and movies.

Alive and well at 97. 98th bday in couple weeks

Without that qouted line, I would never have guessed who it was

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We have two winners. Your prize, an over night excursion to Flint where you will eat dinner at a Denny’s on us. Have fun.

Damn, hoping it was Tony’s in Birch Run.


I never would have guessed. I can definitely see it now though.

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True fact: Betty White was born before sliced bread, meaning he was the coolest thing before it was invented.

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just drove past there a few hours ago…mmmmm

Have you ever had their BLT? Yikes

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Still a fox!

Considering she’s late 90s lol

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My cousin and I had a conversation at the beginning of the season…what if Martha approached you and offered you to be the heir of the Lions if you agreed to be her sexual boy toy until she passed, would you do it? I know how we both answered…with a resounding YES :joy:

She’s as cute as a box of kittens in that first photo. A real keeper.

I’m late on this one but spotted it right away. The eyes give it away.

Looks a bit like Julia Lois-Dreyfus to me.

Alright, not to hijack…but no googling


…and not JFK smart asses

The eyes and the jugs give that one away. That faux look of innocence as well.

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Me too