Gym Shortz is the new DC in Cleveland!

Congrats to Jimmy, and a quality move by the Browns. This will be his second stint in Cleveland as he worked there under Bill Belichick.


good for him.

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I was lowkey hoping that if AG moved on, Jim would come back as a DC.

I’m a known Schwartz slappy though.


I loved Jim here. He’ll do well with that crew in Cleveland.


Myles Garrett in the Wide 9 :smiley:


He’s already took a turn wide in a 911. So its a natural fit.

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I’m still mad we let the DL coach for SF get away. Patricia and Quinn really screwed things up here .


and Joe Lombardi is out in LA.


I wonder if Joe Lombardi is a good QB coach because he seems to be in over his head as an OC.

Peter Principle

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Since this is a Jim Schwartz thread, and since you mention Kris…

There’s a bit of a coaching tree at play here, specifically Jim Washburn’s.
Schwartz and Washburn Wide-9 at Titans.
Schwartz, Washburn and Kocurek Wide-9 at Detroit.
Kocurek Wide-9 at Detroit under Caldwell.
Washburn Wide-9 with Suh in Miami.
Kocurek Wide-9 in Miami and then SF.
Saleh Wide-9 in NYJ.


Has a young coach like Schwartz ever burned nfl owners so bad that they’d have so much success as a Coordinator after having some success as a head coach but being fired , that they’d never get a chance at head coach again ?

Showing up the Fords like that seems to have had a lasting impact.

He has turned down offers. He don’t play.

He should be a consultant for every coach going on interviews right now, just to give them a peak behind the curtain and to advise them to not lower their standards or overlook a team’s current dysfunction.

He knows too much. He’s the kind of guy that would probably only accept a HC interview if he was part of the GM selection, too.

At this point I am trying to convince myself that he doesn’t want to be a head coach so he’s turning down interviews. OR he is waiting on the perfect opportunity with a team that is already in place and not a rebuild.

If none of those things are true it just makes NFL owner’s idiots.

I guess y’all more forgiving than I

But I thought his temperament while an improvement from 0-16 was a problem and his leadership helped sink those talented teams.

Then add handshake gate , the arrests , showing up owners , etc , I’m
Not sure if trust him if I were owner when there’s other strong candidates

good for him. the wife and i met him their first year (along with stafford) when they had the season ticket holder meet and greet. Not that we were ticket holders, we had put in an ‘interested’ submission but hey! free hang out!

he was a bit of a self important douche. I think he has aged well in that and grew out of it.

side note they also had a camp exercise session and it was cool watching it right in front of you. Kevin smith running agility drills with the other running backs and he was MUCH faster than the others which just shows what a nightmare people like barry or swift must be.

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His temperament is what led to the 2011 season being such a success. So its a double edged sword kind of a thing IMO.

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And that Browns defense was 15th in the nfl in yards allowed. They are already decent. Jim shorts will have a top 10 defense sooner rather than later.

Imagine the Lions firing the defensive coordinator after being ranked 15th!? Haha that’s what the Browns did, we would be dancing in the streets.


I’m still trying to figure out what that word is that you keep using. Defense? We should try that next year, maybe it will work?

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Um…there were more than a few posters here that wanted to get rid of goff after we had a top 10 then top 5 offense.