Had not really thought about this

Was listening to a podcast and they pointed out that Detroit’s defense had 9 new starters this year. Only Alim and Anzalone returned as starters. Tracy Walker did but left so early in the season. I don’t think that is quite right. AO was starting but just fell off a cliff. Jacobs was starting but we did not get him back for a while. Charles Harris was but injured early in the season. But the turnover was massive and so it really is not surprising that the defense struggled early. The front seven is playing exceptional football now. Can use another stud DT but you have to like where we are. Back end needs a lot of help. Kerby, Okudah and Jacobs are keepers along with Walker when he returns. Elliot is solid but other than them we can upgrade almost all those positions. But adding a few studs on the backend and this can be a really solid defense. AG as taken his share of criticism but he has basically taken a complete rebuild and is putting a decent product on the field now while still lacking a few key pieces.


The secondary, and more specifically the CBs, need the biggest overhaul of any position group. The only two CBs I believe definitely deserve to return in 2023 are Okudah and Jacobs.


Ever since we sent Pleasant packing, benched AO, and Cominsky came back, the Lions Defense has been pretty good, still giving up passing yards but overall what a difference.

In 7 weeks, starting with the Packers game, the Lions Defense have given up 139 points, or just under 20 points per game. They have also been creating a bunch of turnovers and sacks with a big increase. Thanks Houston. We keep holding teams to under 20 points and we are going to win a ton of games with this offense. No surprise we are 6-1 in those 7 games.

In the 1-6 start, we gave up 225 points, 32 points per game in comparison.

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