Hamilton ran 4.7 at his pro day?

According to NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, he was told that Notre Dame S Kyle Hamilton ran in the low 4.7’s in the 40-yard dash at his pro day last week.

This is contrary to the reports that Hamilton (6’4/219) ran a 4.56 in the 40-yard dash at the Notre Dame pro day. At the combine, Hamilton ran an official 4.59-second 40-yard dash, but the report from Jeremiah told a different story. Even though Hamilton plays faster than his reported times, running in the 4.7’s isn’t exactly a great addition to his resume. The Athletic’s Dane Brugler chimed in saying that Hamilton ran 4.70 and 4.74 in his two attempts. Brugler also noted that his teammate Kyren Williams ran slower than his combine time. This will be something to monitor moving forward as his stock could take a hit.

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I just don’t see him as the 2nd pick in the draft, at that speed. One of the DEs, OT maybe, trade down hopefully, Willis possibly.

I don’t see him as a top 20 pick. Not have I at any point this off-season


At this point he may just be a Teez.


I suggest that we Tabor this discussion until a later date. Then revisit it.


I brought this up well before the combine and the Underwear Olympics… but Hamilton’s lack of ball production and tackles for loss really look suspect if he isn’t able to run a decent time.

Lot of hype there… but where is the actual production that has people so excited about him?


Hamilton needs to be exiting the conversation at 2OA.

No I don’t care about a 40 time. That’s not what I’m saying.

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Okay i am fully on the cine/hill/brisker at the end of the 1st or to start the second. Stand by my walker/tibz followed by leal/dean/harris followed by hill/cine/brisker… just dont see hamilton as a 2 overall player and certainly not passing on the potential of walker or tibz for him, and i would love to get an ed reed level eraser just dont think that the athletic profile is proving itself out to be at that level.


Youre just trying Tavai for more attention with these terrible puns…


Somewhere out there Bob Quinn is slapping the salami to his game tape.

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Rogers that.


I’ll give you a Da’Shawn Hand👏 for that one…


I always thought the hype around hamilton resembled the hype around a certain DB being touted for #3 OA but was a huge disappointment. But okudah mattata :man_shrugging:t5: Whatever will be will be

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At least he’ll make Okudah look faster. Let’s take him at 2 baby.

Fast 40’s?! Wtf!

I could easily do that in my prime: guzzle a 40 in under 3.0 flat baby!! :crazy_face:


That would be the most Lions thing ever to take a safety who ran a 4.7 at two overall


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That may be a bit of a stretch for this board.


So, 40 times are useless but now you say Hamilton should be exiting our talks about taking him #2oa…but not because of his 40 times?

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Slow Cousin Walter
A Fire in the Sky

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You literally quoted me telling you that it’s not about his 40 but you still think that I care about his 40?