Hanging em up? Not being shopped

I saw the locked stafford thread so tried finding anything on him being shopped. Came up with nothing on that search but there’s a quite a bit of discouraging reports surrounding Matt and his ability to throw.


There’s a quite a bit of different articles around the topic including one that lists Jaemis as insurance poikicy for stafford. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them really try to make something happen if one of the qbs slides.

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem because the Rams have the #6 pick in this draft and can get a QB. Oh wait…


Two first round picks and a 2nd round pick from the tire fire that is the Rams for Brian Burns. That’s like not buying stock in Apple in the late 1970s.

Matt has already said that he is coming back.
LA is in California. California is literally the home of drama.

I’ve always liked the idea of Winston as a backup for Stafford. Similar mentality and skill set. I thought Matt would be a good mentor for Jameis, and I think you can plug Winston into a gunslinging offense made for Stafford without the same kind of dropoff you’d get with other quarterbacks.

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They can experience what its like to draft in the 1st round vicariously thru us!


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Stafford and Jameis have similar what exactly?

Both are great at throwing the ball to the other team…

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Isn’t that the reason Goff was traded to us?

No, that was throwing it to the coach’s gf.


Jared did better. Just saying