Happy Anniversary!

To Jim Caldwell. 3 years ago today he decided to go for 2 late in the game, when trailing by 7.

Marty M: “I want to take the wind in overtime!”

Lions fans: “Dumbest decision ever!!”

Caldwell: “Hold my beer”

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What game was this?

I don’t remember this but if true would be pretty stupid. I was looking it up and found this interesting site. They actually rated Caldwell (tied) 5th best coach in 2017 at making in game adjustments. It also breaks down some of his worst decisions. http://www.headcoachranking.com/tag/jim-caldwell/

I remember a bad decision in the Houston game in 2016 (OCT 30), but I thought it had to do with a late game onside kick. I do remember being enraged worse than usual.

Nothing regarding any 2 point conversion.

Hmm. I must have fucked this one up with another game. This was the bonehead onside kick game when we were down 7 with 3 minutes and 3 timeouts left. I confused this one with the 2 point conversion game. Sorry, it came on my social media timeline/flashback and I assumed it was the 2PC. Still an idiotic call by JC.

I don’t ever recall Jim going for two when we were down 7. Was our kicker injured? Jim was extremely conservative and it’s not like him to go for 2 when down 7.

Maybe it was 3rd and 7 and we passed for 2 yards.
Yeah, yeah! That’s the ticket!

I was at this game

If ever there was a game where Jim’s flaw were on full display this was it.

Became a big fan of AJ Bouye that day.

So was it the onsides kick that you are talking about? I feel like Jim did multiple stupid things in that game. I just can’t remember it very well.

Hopkins had a big drop or fumble I don’t remember that should have been challenged and he didn’t.

The onsides didn’t bother me that much, what did bother me was the game plan and just the fact we got beat by Brock