Happy Father’s Day 2022

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.

Here’s some facts for you.

The very first Father’s Day was on June 19th 1910. Today marks exactly 112 years since the very first one.

In 1972 President Nixon permanently made Father’s Day the third Sunday in June, even though President Johnson made a declaration of the same six years before Nixon, but he didn’t sign it into law.

76% of Americans celebrate Father’s Day in some way. Spending over 20 billion dollars doing so.

It’s official, my daughters have voted…. I lead the list as the best father in American. Here’s to all of you fathers who finished second… lol


Yes to all you fathers out there.

Wow!!! That’s some serious cash being thrown around.

Happy Father’s Day fellas!

Happy Fathers Day guys. My kid got me a Lions Aiden Hutchinson shirt. That shirt will see some mileage!


Happy Father’s Day you all!

I haven’t seen my daughter or grand daughter is several years but still love them!

4 Generations of the men in my family celebrating Father’s Day today.

Youngest is a = Son, Grandson, Great Grandson
Next Youngest = Son, Grandson, Father
Me = Son, Father, Grand Father
Oldest = Father, Grand Father, Great Grand Father

Truly a moment in time to cherish.


Coming from a pa and a grandpa, congrats to all ! But I have been called a mother many times in the past.

I like this one.

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