Happy to be wrong

I anticipated much more wailing and gnashing of teeth over the loss of a bean. I even gave people shit in advance over it.

While there was some initial unwarranted whining, it didn’t seem to take too long for the vast majority of people to come around to the fact that it was a really good deal for a great prospect.


I admit I wasn’t happy when I thought it was 32 and 34 for 12. Since we got a second back I’m cool with it

For me, beans for draft picks are good, especially premium draft picks.

Beans for vets . . . really hesitant, especially with where the Lions are currently. If we were the Rams and we were trading beans for vets, I’d be on board.

i.e. I’d be more willing to trade my beans for Jameson Williams than I would for Deebo Samuel or Tyreek Hill.


Hard to get too cranky when you add a top 12 pick, one of the fastest, most explosive guys in the league day one, and all you have to give up is moving back a few spots in the second and a third. If people are really that attached to a third round pick I think they need to relax a little!


If Williams becomes who B. Holmes thinks he can be. Then it will go down as an amazing trade.


I hope the Vikes have nightmares about Jameson like I used to about Randy Moss. I remember Randy running past our corners making no moves at all, just ran past them without any move needed.


I will add that they didn’t take anyone from my “Do Not Draft List” of Thibs, Hamilton, and Willis. They may have traded beans but they did it for a superstar prospect, not a super-high paid veteran player. I really woke up yesterday expecting to be disappointed in some way and instead I was quite pleased. It’s not something I often feel with the Lions.


Steve Yzerman approves this trade !

I’m enthused with very little reservation, for the first time in a very long time.

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Agreed p. The value was insane. I will admit I freaked out a little bit ESPECIALLY when I thought it was for Willis. I was hoping it was for Jordan Davis initially but was completely fine when the player was announced and seeing what we gave up.

I was wrong , I thought sure we was taking Thibs.

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