Harbaugh returning to NFL?

Too bad we hired cry baby. Harbaugh great fit for Lions. Maybe the Bears? NO!!!

Harbaugh cries far, far more often than Dan. Just ask any officiating crew.

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He still crying about lights.

He should be crying about not getting enough 5 star athletes.

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Remember when Harbaugh disrespected Schwartz.

I want nothing to do with Harbaugh. He’s a slightly classier Urban Meyer.

LOL - Oh, my. So confused.

“Harbaugh last coached in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers from 2011-2014. He won Coach of the Year in his first season and helped re-establish the franchise’s success, compiling a 44-19-1 record with three NFC title appearances and an appearance in Super Bowl XLVII.”
mirror check?

I know who he is.

Mirror check?
If that was a shot at his toughness and/or masculinity…I’m guessing that crybaby could rip your arms off and stuff them up your asshole.

or yours, ass hole

Now it’s locked

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Heyyyyy, now. I didn’t call him a crybaby.
Thanks for the laugh.
Read the OP, and let us review the criteria for “asshole.”
Are you not, by your own definition?

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For the sake of U of M Football, I hope the rumors of Harbaugh to the NFL are true. I was worried his one playoff appearance and one W over OSU would keep him around for another decade of mediocrity. Here’s to hoping he lands with the Bears!

What period to people consider the golden age of Michigan football?

It has to be 1997, undefeated record, national championship, only defensive player to win Heisman ever. One freaking awesome year.

That was a great year, but it was surrounded by years and years of records right in line with what Harbaugh has achieved.

That 1999 Orange Bowl win over Alabama in Tom Brady’s final game was awesome.

And Desmond Howard won the Heisman in 1991.

The 90s are pretty unmatched IMO.

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Well after 7 years at Michigan he has:
3 10 win seasons
1 9 win season
1 8 win season
1 2 win season Covid year
1 12 win season

And struggled against OSU, to put it mildly, and 3-4 against MSU.

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The golden age of Michigan football was back when players wore leather helmets. The 1940s.