Harbaugh should be available after today

Anyone still want him for the Lions?


I mean, if we wanna run a play book from 1974…

Right, a few years ago Harbaugh went out and found the best defensive coordinator that he could find. Now during the off season, he needs to go out and hire the best offensive coordinator that he can find.
His run first, and second, and third down offense is not going to win the really big games against the top 10 teams in bowl and championship games.

The one constant in these games is that the Ohio State players are almost always bigger, faster, and stronger. This game would have been a rout much sooner if Haskins hadn’t kept overthrowing wide open receivers. Maybe Jim can have a few more flashy signing ceremonies to save the day.

They were out coached, players just were more prepared on the red team

This came down to (1) Haskins is a better QB and (2) Urban is 1000x better HC
Game plan win the game… And the Michigan ENTIRE coaching staff had no clue how to counter

Right, the team speed difference was obvious.
And the line of scrimmage on both sides was won by Ohio State.
Harbaugh hired a few offensive minds during the off season, like Jim McElwain. What for? It’s the same game plan and O from four years ago.

Harbaugh may never beat Meyer - primarily because he will never RECRUIT like Meyer…


BS, Harbaugh had what he needed except the ability to coach better then his opponent. He beat teams worse then the Buckeyes did. he was out coached, point blank.

So, basically the same offense we run now!