Hard Knocks confirms that, when it comes to press conferences, the BS is baked in

Dan Campbell–No.

Brad Holmes–Not much.

Rod Wood–Yes.

Florio can be so catty.

Everybody knows there’s “coach speak” involved. Everyone also knows that no team wants to answer anything too emphatically about future plans. Even if they’re “certain” that they’re not going to franchise him, you’d be reluctant to inform the world of that for various reasons, not the least of which is reserving (publicly) the right to go in that direction if/when something changes.

Also confirms how lucky we are to have Holmes and Campbell leading this team.


For the most part, rather than lie both Dan and Brad are pretty straight forward about the things they don’t want to talk about and they say as much.

But there are things where they have to be cagey. When Brad said going into last year’s draft that they could take a QB in the 1st round, I seriously doubt that option was on the table. I think they both said maybe Jonah would be back while knowing there was a snowflake’s chance in hell of that . (And I personally doubt they’d have brought him back at anything CLOSE to what the Rams gave him, given his injury woes.)

So, yeah, I think our guys are more honest and forthcoming than most, but reporters WILL ask every coach and GM questions they’d be stupid to answer truthfully. And, like their peers, our guys hedge and deflect on some of those, as they should.