Hard Knocks Episode 3

Running backs stole the show.

  • Man! The way they showed the love between Craig Reynolds and his older brother! I mean, his older brother calls and encourages him FROM PRISON! That’s amazing. I’m going to cheer for this kid every time he touches the ball.

  • And Jamal Williams. He looked like he was ready to fist fight the entire Indianapolis team. Then he runs them over in practice. His intensity was contagious.


  • Shep told Rodrigo you’re basically a starter.
  • Shep told Anzalone that he IS a starter.
  • Shep turned to Jarrad Davis on that last play and told him to get guys right. That suggests JD is seen as a leader on the field.
  • They spent a lot of time on Pimpleton and Eze though neither has a snowballs chance of making the 53 and we all know it.

And of course, the 14 f-bombs outta Campbells mouth!

What were your observations?


You touched on the more important parts, but for me the highlight of the show was Duce trying to yell at players with no voice :sweat_smile:


Yep, was just complaining about that in the other thread. haha


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I couldn’t stop laughing. :joy:


I have Eze making the roster as OT #4. He’s a project for sure, but there was enough interest in him when he signed here that I don’t think they will want to expose him to the waiver wire. Skipper is a known commodity and Nelson is nearly a lock at backup RT. There is no pure LT prospect outside of Eze.


I see Eze as a PS player who needs to develop his legs underneath him.

Pimpleton is also in this grouping but they have an awful lot of these smaller quick guys already. I thought he would show more than he has so far. He needs to make some plays.


I agree. The PS is a good developmental spot for him.


I have been throughly disappointed there hasn’t been even a second of coverage of Aubrey Pleasant or any of the DB’s in general. Do we really need to see anymore of Dan Campbell team speeches (as much as I love them)? Nothing on TJ Hockenson or Jared Goff? Come on now.

As much as I love this years behind the curtain look at the lions, I still feel the storylines are clumsy and boring.


I’m trying to remember if it was an article or an interview but somewhere Hard Knocks said they were going to focus a little more on the coaching staff with this team than previous teams.

Which I have enjoyed. I also believe it is an opportunity, done intentionally, for teams to see behind the scenes how Glenn and Staley coach; a free interview so to speak. Should help both of them next offseason when teams are looking to hire.


How many episodes are there supposed to be?

This is what I was saying for anyone who doesn’t follow the show. They like to build up certain characters so that you get invested in their journey, so that you can feel some pain when they show the scene of them getting cut. One of the guiding principles of the show is to let us see how hard it is to make an NFL roster and how some guys life long dream will be coming to an end.


5 total episodes

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This is how they do the show. I said before the show not to expect much of guys like Hock unless he does something outrageous or links up with a fringe roster player. Guys like Hock who are solid starters don’t get much air time on Hard Knocks. They care more about fringe roster players and rookies.

The same with Goff. They might show him in a future episode but it will probably be something like his girlfriend’s charity work or his battle with his disorder he has. Maybe a Stafford angle. But not much football stuff for guys like Goff. They care more about guys like Blough.

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Pimpleton should have caught that ball in the end zone against the Colts. It was a great throw by blough and hit him right in the hands.

I also thought it was interesting how pimpleton refused to sing and juggled instead. You had the number 2 overall draft pick in Hutchinson get up and give a performance but you’re not going to do the same?

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Yeah, less Deuce somehow made it more enjoyable for me. I also like that Jamal has managed to be a star in the series without a specific focus on him. He’s one of “Dans Guys” I’m pretty sure. And shit, Campbell would adopt Hutch if he could.

I wonder who the other Dan Dudes are!


Just look for the guys who have the most warrior in 'em (Stafford’s wife :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Seriously though…

Loving how many of our offensive players have a ton of warrior to them.


Cracked me up when MCDC told him to relax. :joy:


Yeah, Duce squeaking was different.:rofl: