Hard knocks

After mcdc’s epic press conference and the Stafford trade…Who wants to bet me hard knocks doesn’t pick Detroit? Dan Campbell alone is worth the watch.

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And are one of the few teams that haven’t been on that didn’t make the playoffs this year so yeah I could totally see this year being it

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I think first year coaches are excempt as well though.

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According to this article the Lions do not qualify this year?

They might be exempt from being “forced” to do it, but if they volunteer… that’s another story. Now i know that’s not been the Lions’ style in the past … but… Campbell’s been on it with the Fins, Dorsey with the Browns and Holmes with the Rams. So maybe they say it’s no big deal and could be used to generate some excitement for the upcoming season.

Plus… weren’t the Raiders on the year that Gruden returned to the team? Technically, he was a new coaching staff.

they were on in 2019, his 2nd season as Raiders coach.

I think you may be right. I’m not sure. All I know is I’m absolutely watching. Lol

Considering you just gave 3 examples of important people in our organization that have been thru it…I absolutely agree with you. IF they decide to be on it, there is a reason. Because if it sucks and hurts the team getting ready for the season (or tips off other teams as to what you are doing, like was eluded to with the Rams)…they will fight it tooth and nail because noone would know better what to expect than someone who’s already been thru it.

I think without Quinn and Patricia here anymore the probability of us doing it have gone up exponentially. Couldn’t see those two allowing any kind of look behind the scenes

Actual leaked footage of Patricia and Bob putting together the gameplan.

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Let’s not forget the execution of said game plan.

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