Has E.T. Gone Home?

C’mon folks – let’s hear your ufo sighting and alien abduction stories!!

There is some controversy as to whether World UFO Day falls on June 26 or July 02 with people seemingly celebrating it on both days. The occasion is an awareness day for UFOs coinciding with the Roswell incident’s anniversary. It is getting increasingly popular as UFOs have been making headlines again lately, notably due to the “Storm Area 51” event which went viral last year. That’s on top of The New York Times running an interesting article about several U.S. Navy fighter pilots encountering mysterious objects near the southeastern coast of the United States. The high-profile story remains unexplained and so do plenty of other UFO sightings reported by members of the public every year like strange lights crossing the night sky or orange disks hovering in the distance.

The National UFO Reporting Center which is based in the U.S. maintains statistics about global UFO sightings. Notably, they are ticking up again. There were just over 3,700 reported sightings in 2018 and in 2019, there were 6,889. So far in 2020, 4,688 UFO sightings have been reported. With regards to the above-mentioned “Storm Area 51” event, conspiracy theorists have long maintained that a secret U.S. base in Nevada known as Area 51 harbors alien life or parts of a crashed spacecraft. The event called for people to storm the base and find out and it attracted 1.4 million signatures. It also prompted the Air Force to issue a warning to stay well away from the facility. Facebook eventually took the event page down.

plenty of weird shit has happened in my life, but no ufos.



Shit … no abduction stories …
Cmon folks!!

They just have become aware that we are all carrying cameras in our pockets nowadays, lol.

I’ll bite. Not concerned if people think I’m mad, there are probably more than a few on here that think that already lol, I’ve told this story on here before, but here you go:

I was walking alone, east side of Windsor. I think it was summer 1998 or so. Perfectly clear night. I was stone-cold sober. I felt “something” and looked up. Sitting there silently at I dunno, two or three thousand feet, was a massive airship with colored lights on bottom. The sight of it sent a shudder from my head to my feet, which is the part of the memory that remains strong with me still. I looked down for one second and then when I looked up it was gone. I ran around for a few moments, looking for some type of aircraft moving away from my vantage point. I had to get a view around houses and trees. And 360 degrees around there was nothing. I didn’t tell anybody for a long time. You can guess why. But years later, I found an exactly similar description on the Mufon site by someone in London, ON. Same type of craft, silently there, and then gone in a second. Even more recently a friend of a friend said he saw the EXACT same thing in the same neighborhood I saw it. I’ve sent the guy a FB friend request but no reply yet. He doesn’t appear to be active on there.

What was it? Could be a few things. Could have been an ET, maybe another civilization has figured out interstellar travel. Could even have been “manned” by robots. Could it be a “black book” US or Chinese craft? Less likely to me, but possible. Could it have been some type of hologram, again possible, again, could be a secret human technology. Obviously, I can’t say what it was, only what I saw. And I know of two people who reported the same thing of this particular phenomenon.

I do hope it comes back and I get to find out what it really was. Unless it was evil. Then I’d rather not, lol. To give a visual reference, it was kind of like the craft you see in Close Encounters. Very, very unsettling to see.

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I’ve seen lots of weird stuff back In the '70s. But think it was the 4-way windowpane…


Ha, just went back to the Mufon site and on the front page there is a video of a sighting over Mexico that seems to be the real deal. If you look at it, and then imagine how big that thing must be (assuming it’s real) if viewed from directly overhead like it was for me… then this is very similar to what I saw. It doesn’t give a date for that video, but I assume it’s fairly recent. I told this story on here like a year and a half ago.

Keep looking up Weas!

Honestly, I wouldn’t believe my story unless it were told to me by someone I know well and trusted. Even then I would try to explain it away as some kind of hallucination. But having become aware of two corroborating stories of the same thing in the same time period, I am better equipped to believe my own eyes. I’m a fairly skeptical person, and I think most people have to have the same experience to believe it themselves. I don’t blame them.

I’ve always been a skeptic, not that there is life elsewhere in the universe, but that they’ve been here. Then I figure there could be life that’s been around for 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 etc years longer than us — so anything is in the realm of possibility.

I’d love to see it with my own eyes
I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say I saw something though
Not now
I suppose maybe when I was younger
But yeah, I wouldn’t say it to everyone

I feel it’s quite naive to think on how vast the universe is, that we are the only ones living in it. We just haven’t crossed paths yet.

For sure
There’s definitely life out there somewhere
Multiple levels of life
Multiple levels of intelligence
Some could be multiple levels of intelligence beyond us
Plus 100,000 years ahead of us
That they may have solved instant space travel or whatever is all possible
So, I’m not going to ridicule Redwings story
It’d be fun too though. :crazy_face:

Annnnnd…Fermi Paradox answered by The Great Filter.


Our biggest reason for not finding life out there is our universe is simply just too big.

Are closest earth like planet outside our solar system is 50 light years away. So traveling at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per SECOND it would take 50 years years to reach it. NASA’S Juno probe once topped out at 165,000 mph.

Are galaxy has an estimated 100 billion planets and we can not even reach the closest earth like planet outside our solar system.

On top of that they are an estimated 2 trillion galaxies with the possibility of each holding millions to billions of planets.

Unless we can figure out a way to travel at many significant multiples of the speed of light itself you will likely never reached them anyways given the expansion rate of the Galaxy in the universe

Its a shame really. It won’t happen in our lifetime, if not ever.

That is true unless there are wormholes or other ways around it. I’m skeptical, but I don’t think our physics is advanced enough to say it’s impossible.

So what did I see?

Well there was this one time at band camp ahhh never mind ,

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we don’t even have all the jungles and forests’ , and mountains , cave systems, lakes, all other water sources , our oceans covered by the eyes of man yet.
Plus there are a ton of weird creatures we are quite familiar with : Chupracabra , Goat man , Lizard Men , Bigfoot , Mothman , Nessie , Champ , Giant Squid , Dogman , Skin Walkers , Shadow People , Demons , Ghosts , Jersey Devil , Hell Hounds , Giants , Mermaid / Mermen , all kinds of things…they are the ones we hear about and know of…not the ones we have not found.

Hey, give Elon Musk a chance.

Probably something really, really boring. Like a reflection of traffic lights in the atmosphere caused by a temperature inversion or something. The fact that your friend saw it in the same spot just adds credence to that idea. Some combination of weather, temperature, and nearby lights probably create some sort of visual phenomenon at that particular location that your brain interpreted as a “UFO”.

There’s a place up in the UP called “Paulding Lights” where you can see a “railman’s lantern” floating in the air above an old stretch of track. Walk too close to it and it will disappear and reappear behind you. Could be a ghost… or could be a weird atmospheric phenomenon combining with the headlights and taillights of the cars on the nearby road.

On the other hand, it’s a really big universe, and just because we can’t conceive of something being real (ie aliens, FTL travel) doesn’t mean it doesn’t actually exist. Who knows- maybe ET chose Windsor for first contact, got a close look, and changed his mind.

Ha, well I do of course allow for non-ET explanations. But it was not a mirage. Absolutely clear. Nothing like a reflection or temperature inversion etc. Same thing was seen down the road near London, ON at the time, so not any kind of natural phenomenon. Is is possible it was something man-made? Doubt it, but who knows. Check out the Mexico video on the Mufon site for reference. You’ll have to hope to see something like this yourself to be convinced. Maybe they’ll come back and tell humans to chill out or there will be trouble.