Has YOUR culture changed?

I believe my culture as a fan has changed.

  • No more ‘same old Lions’
  • No more ‘this is gonna be a rough week’
  • No more ‘maybe next year’

I don’t care if we are down an O-linemen or two. Doesn’t matter! Next man up…

I don’t care if Philadelphia ran all over us last year. Not this year!

We are gonna show up wherever the game is at; a landfill, backyard, or a Wal-Mart parking lot…it doesn’t matter.

We will get knocked down…but keep getting up! And we’ll take a knee-cap off on the way up.

We are gonna pluck the Eagle feathers…one…by…one.
We are gonna snap their beaks off and send them home cold and shivering wondering what the hell just happened in Detroit?!?!

Lions have been at the bottom of the NFL for decades. Well, the high-flying Eagles are about to get pulled down to our level - in the mud, where the gritty Lion lays its head.

The Culture is changing in Allen Park, and that change has rippled all the way down here to North Carolina. I fear no team that is put in front of us. We may have less talent than you, but NO TEAM will out-compete our Lions.

Does anyone else feel this change as a fan? Philly better bring their ‘A’ game because they will not walk out of Detroit with a win, with anything short of that.

I’m pumped for Sunday and can’t wait to see our Lions take the field!


im worried your culture will change if we lose on sunday lol


Short answer: no.


Not until we at least have a winning season LOL


Nope. Expecting the same old. But it has been more exciting this time.


Always have hope….


No, I think my culture is the same.


I was going to say yes until I saw your bullet points. I think this is going to be a rough week and I think maybe next year is more realistic. And if they lose this weekend, same old Lions, may part my lips if they lose in same old Lions fashion (boneheaded late turnover, completely unable to stop the run, completely unable to stop the pass, and / or penalties up the Wazoo). Thanks for tanking my culture.

Yes it has changed.

Same old Lions has retired in Dungy’s head.

It’s Vintage Lions now.

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Cynodon, great post brother!

Love the enthusiasm and positive vibes my man.

The beginning of this season does indeed feel different for me. I have genuine hope (not my standard Honolulu Blue And Silver kool-aid) type hope lol.

Not since the hiring of….gulp….Mariucci have I felt quite this way.

I truly do believe Brad, Dan, and Sheila are moving us in the right direction.

Ford Field better be off the hook tomorrow. Go Lions!


Longer answer…
Next year is when I will expect much more. Again, look at this year’s PUP & IR list to begin the season. We are still rebuilding and the team is clearly more patient than we are.

“This is gonna be a rough week” did start to fade a bit last year. Whatever my expectations of the record, I still watch with an expectation of the team playing all out and making it interesting.

SOL is not just a frame of mind of the fans or the team. This is a universal reality that we have to change by being REALLY good for more than 1 year. This is ocean-freighter type momentum that we’re trying to turn around. 2014 should have shed SOL, just for it to show up in the playoffs and that off-season. It’s going to take a LOT of things going very, very well for a long time for SOL to be shed.

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Lol I think we have heard that one before. You might wanna wait until we play a game or even win a game first.
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As I’ve said for decades, win a playoff game, or win the div, then at least host a playoff game, and maybe win that…otherwise sol is always lurking and on stand by.


Yeah it might take awhile when 3 out of your top 5 picks in in the last 2 drafts were players with injury’s and have not contributed to helping the team. When Holmes drafts 2 more scrap heep players next year you guys will being saying well then next year just keep kicking the can down the road. Maybe someday you be right.

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This is going to be a rough week




My culture has shifted to back to what it was under Caldwell.

Under Quinn/Patricia, it was I hoped they’d lose just so those two would get fired sooner than later. They set the franchise back 2x for every year they were together. One more towards the bottom plus one to climb back up.

I like what they’re (Lions) doing now. I truly believe they’re on the correct trajectory. I want them to win, but realize they aren’t there yet. I realize they’re going to picked to lose against the best teams in the NFL and I am ok with that for now. No shame in losing to the Bills from Thursday night.

I believe they finally have a competent HC and GM who are working together, towards the same goals. Never believed Quinn was working with Caldwell. You guys are free to feel otherwise.

I want them to win every week, but understand they’re still probably going to lose as many as they win this year as much as a 17 game schedule works out.

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That OP has a koolaid buzz to it no doubt
What happens if Sunday the Eagles clean their cleats on our faces?
Over-reaction Monday

Mouse has correctly identified that we are drafting too many injured players
Ragnow now has a groin problem?
How often have we seen those linger?
Big V has a back problem?
How does that project?
Levi O?

We all have faith in this coaching staff but they can only work with available talent
This is looking more like a 7 win team than an upstart in 2022
But maybe we see excellent creativity and the talent available at least not making bone-headed mistakes

Win or lose game 1 — it’ll be just the first game of the year and will mean little
Let’s hope Hurts starts the season slow :+1:


Seems part of the sol curse is having bad/bust 2nd rd draft picks…and Holmes is kind of carrying that torch so far with Levi and Paschal. The jury’s still out, but there’s a strong bust vibe with Levi, and 2nd rd injury ridden Paschal plays right into that pattern. And it’s compounded by years of passing on other 2nd rd players who are successful in the league…

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