Have there been any cuts yet? I asked on the 1st ....now it's the 4th

I haven’t seen or heard anything on our end yet , but I was wondering and you guys are on top of these things.

yea a couple of UDFA . . . but this will pretty much be the roster though training camp, with a couple additions and a couple corresponding cuts.

Since the institution of the june 1st designation rule the actual day of june 1st means almost nothing. In the previous thread we discussed this. @DeadStroke said only 2 teams even were eligible for june 1st being a thing. Something about if teams had used their 2 designation spots and one other thing. Go read that thread for details. Only cleveland and one other team had used both june 1st designations if i recall correctly. Again it was spelled out in better detail in that thread. That is why there was no news. June 1st as a day means nothing now


Nothing to report Cub. Someone is always on it when something happens.


damn seems like something should be happening I hate these slow days.

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There is something happening, bro…ther’s a storm a’brewin’ in Motown!


The storm is coming!

Hit Him Where It Hurts Steve Austin GIF by WWE

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storm lightning GIF

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