Have to give kudos to Quinn. Patricia wanted brown

Have to give kudos to Quinn for not drafting a dead guy in this pandemic . He said nobody called him to trade down and later when he tried to trade up ,nobody answered him . Just same silly excuse like I won the first few games last year to save his job , can’t believe this guy always get a free pass

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I don’t think Quinn has a gotten a free pass at all.
He’s taking heat from the majority of lions fans right now, and has a win or go home mandate from his boss. That’s not a free pass.
I’ve nicknamed him ‘two win’ Quinn for God’s sake.

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He’s still employed after 4 straight years of making the team worse. People on this board, a lot of them, still defend him. He has gotten the biggest free pass imaginable.

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Nobody called him to trade down??

Nobody answered him when he tried to trade up?

Is that that really what he said? Do you have a link to those quotes?


See what John lynch and rick spielman did with limited resources they have , everybody get a job to do some thing know . We had whole 4 months for draft with a 3 rd pick to attract anyone and we didn’t do nothing

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Brown was patricias pick https://247sports.com/college/michigan/Article/NFL-Draft-2020-Detroit-Lions-GM-Bob-Quinn-and-coach-Matt-Patricia-at-odds-No-3-Derrick-Brown-Jeffrey-Okudah-Auburn-Tigers-Ohio-State-Buckeyes--146394752/

May be Rodgers has covid to pick love

How did this douch know this?

Assumptions , silly

It is a fact :roll_eyes:

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Dude…that is just plain ridiculous. He might be the 3rd worst GM in NFL history…but “the biggest free pass imaginable”? Have you ever heard of Matt Millen…Martin Mayhew? If you think he sucks…fine, but don’t say shit that is flat out wrong.

Huh? After more than 4 years of “work” here, the team won 3 games and people are still defending him. Don’t get more of a free pass than that. Mayhew was better. People wanted Millen gone before 5 years were up.

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Why give him kudos? His coach wanted a different player so you give the GM kudos for not giving the HC the player he wants?

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Hello Abject…been lurking here off and on since the Millen era (or on the several sites that have transpired since then). Fun to watch the info…although certainly lost a bit of fire over the years. This team is damn difficult to watch lol!


Welcome captain.

Are you Captain Obvious ?


No, definitely not captain obvious.

This dumbo signed a back up qb to prove Miami that we are not interested in a qb . Such a dumb employee

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Quinn basically was learning on the job. He has to provide results this near not next. The team has been trending backwards. It’s time to put up or get out. All these guys are his players

TBH I have zero faith in Quinn and Patricia, however, I do think this is the first season that it’s really their team. No more malcontents and more good character guys that like the HC should help. A stable of RB’s and a much improved secondary should help. Getting Stafford back should help. I like what they’ve done with the pass rush from both the interior and edge and wouldn’t mind adding there still. Overall it’s been a good offseason for Quinn and Patricia and I’m excited to see if their moves pay off.