HC hiring process change - starts tommorow!

Report: NFL alters rules when it comes to head coach hiring process (msn.com)

Since it applies t us!!

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Kinda oddly written and inconsistent.

The release by the NFL says that you need permission but then the rules section says that interviews can not be denied.

I did notice the rules were different for executives than they were for HC and coordinator positions.

So do you need permission but they can’t deny you? Then why do you need to get permission?

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I see where Tom P has his tweet saying HC interview need permission… Teams can ask for a virtual interview but that request can be denied…

Am i reading his junk right?!

Maybe if the guy is under contract u need permission could have years to go or maybe if say a OC is also like OC/HC they have done that before add a tag so you just can’t interview without permission

I ask my wife the same thing


Ok I was able to clarify this.

Right now you need permission. But depending on where your team is at during the post season determines if a team needs permission or not.

Here are the actual rules.

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Not sure how much this will be utilized by Lions. I could see them just waiting until Monday after the season ends and just have guys come to Detroit or virtually meet with playoff team coordinators.

It just give us more chances to do in kind on line interviews earlier then before - I’d the request is approved…

Means they could use it to interview less likely candidates sooner than the end of the season… and come back for a second later …

True it’s not much but it’s something?! :thinking::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think it basically gives you a chance to feel out potential candidates to see if their interested, their thoughts on the team and what their basic plan is.

Then you bring in the guys your serious about for a hard core interview.

It reminds me of the hiring process alot of companies use these days. The first contact is a phone screening that is designed to last 10-15 minutes where you get a feel for eachother. I remember I did a phone screening with a company once and we realized that I was applying for the position in North Carolina but what they were interviewing me for was the Chicago office. Chicago is a deal breaker for me, so the call ended pretty quickly at that point. The next step for alot of companies is a longer phone interview if you get beyond the screening process. If you get beyond that, the next step is an in person interview.

I find it to be really efficient and allows the two parties to get to know eachother during the process, so it helps with the comfort level as you get to the final interview. It also helps the company reach out to more candidates but not have to waste time on people who are clearly not right for the position, or have deal breakers (like working in Chicago) that you wouldn’t pick up on in their resume. I think back on it and think about how quickly we hired Quinn and the lack of process that we used. Its astounding to think about.

Side story: The most extensive hiring process I have ever been thru was with my last company. There was a 10 minute phone screening to start the process. In this call I just chatted with the Division Manager…he told me a little about the company and we compared notes on what he was looking for and what I was looking for. This went well so we set up a phone interview for a later date. That call lasted about an hour, and the Division Manager spent most of the time picking my brain to see if I was as knowledgeable and experienced as my resume suggested. This went well so I ended up doing an in person interview with him that lasted about 2 hours. This is where we got into a ton of detail about how the company does things and how I’ve done things in the past…very specific stuff. This led to the mother of all interview sessions as he flew me back in for another in person interview. It started with a personal assessment test that was a couple of hours long. Then I kid you not…I met with 9 different people over the next 2 days of the interview process. I met with the President, the Chief Financial Officer, the head of marketing, the head of field operations and the other managers I would be working with. Then we went out into the field and I interviewed with one of the field managers. They wanted to keep me even longer, but there was a hurricane coming (South Carolina) so they had to quickly fly me back home to Louisiana before the storm hit. I got hired shortly after that. The recruiter I was working with said “I just placed a guy in an executive level position with a salary of over $200k and he didn’t have to go thru half of the stuff you just did to get this job.” :joy:

I started the process in April of that year and wasn’t hired until September. Compare that to my current position. The guy got my resume on a Thursday. Friday morning he called the recruiter to try to get an interview set up. By Friday afternoon I was in his office doing an interview (I happened to be in town at the time) and by Monday morning I had an offer letter.

I believe I read somewhere that the Lions were going to wait it out and not start with these 2 hour zoom meetings. I wonder if it has more to do with simply not having a GM in place yet.

I think they already know what coach/GM combo they want and are acting with blinders on. While going through the process for appearance purposes… like they did with BQ.

So what you are really saying is that really long process failed! :crazy_face:

As you are not will that company still?! :crazy_face::heart::pray::+1::upside_down_face:

I wouldn’t say they’ve decided on the HC, I think they’ve narrowed it down to 3-4 candidates in their minds and are looking for GMs with similar philosophy and could be a great team together.

yeah that’s what I posted about a week ago, I have that same gut feeling…

Remember brothers!

“Feelings are not facts”!!

We just have wait as see who gets it!!

True… but we’re talking the Lions here and history does show a pattern.

I am fairly confident they have already decided on who their new GM/HC will be and their just waiting to finalize and make it official.

What combo do you think they’ve settled on?

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Welcome brother and Merry Christmas as well!

I can easily see having a list of “wants” and hope you can get them

No different then a draft list arranged by priority…

But you still need to be open minded imho and do due diligence as well…

It’s like wanting only white chocolate and never taking the chance for any other type and never realizing you missed out!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: