Hear me out trade down

Jets want Evan Neal to protect Zach Wilson

They know DEs are going 1 and 2, but Houston is probably taking Evan Neal

Would you trade 2 and 34 for 4 and 10?

I would

Thibodeaux/Hutchinson and Jaquan Brisker for Kyle Hamilton and Garrett Wilson

That’s -60 for us on the chart which I’d do because we’d have 3 1sts including the 2 top 10 picks and also 2 3rd rounders.


I’m not sure they will. The Jags took pass rushers with 2 of their last 3 1st round picks.


It’s just the hypothetical scenario where JAX doesn’t take Neal.

For me it depends. If Hutchinson is there I’m taking him no trade down. If Thibs is there then I’d definitely considering it(Probably would actually do it if i knew what the 2 picks in front of me were going to be). Not that I don’t like Thibs, but I have more questions with him.


If hutch goes 1 then yes

Hamilton/Jordan Davis

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Until the Jags hire a new HC we really don’t know what path they will be thinking about taking…

I would make that trade if it was on the table. There are some really good options in that top 10 and talent really drops around 12-15 depending on how many QB’s go before then.

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Promote Bevell! knocking the Colts out of the playffs was an epic win.


Value its close within 80 would be worth consideration.

HSVLion You setting up Lions to take a OS WR lol not sure i would use 10 for a WR Hamilton would be my #4 after that not sure depends on FA

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Agreed. Wilson was just an example.

2 and 34 for 4 and 10 I do w/o thinking about it. NY probably wants 2 and 27.

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The points say 2 an 34 worth more than 4 an 10 So i doubt they would since they know chart as well as Lions.

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really? If I have 4 and 10 I hate to give that 10 unless I am in love with that guy

Since it would have to be the Jets instigating the trade, I would accept the trade down after squeezing their own 4th rounder in return for our own 6th, which would balance the trade nicely. I might do your proposed trade anyway.

I love that you gave a rationale for the trade. You know, like a former Resident Draft Expert might. You rock, HSV!!!

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I would do that trade all day, but would they? Not sure I’d take Hamilton but I like the idea of getting one of the top WRs.


I don’t see the Jets making that trade.

I’d probably take top WR and Dean, I think Hamilton is overrated.

Uh, of course the Lions would take 4 and 10 for 2 and 34 but it’s highly highly unrealistic for a team to trade a second high 1st for a non QB in a draft with no dominant player. It’s kind of like the Okudah draft all over again with hopefully a better outcome this time. Everybody wants a trade down but nobody is going to really want that pick.

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Except that people did call about that pick and that infuriating smarmy ratbastard Quinn lied.

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They will hire the anti-urban

Caldwell or kellen Moore. Prolly Caldwell

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