Help me figure out the issue with using quotes

I know some of them are disappearing for you guys, and they’re doing the same for me too. I need some help figuring out what you guys see on your end.

Below is a screenshot of an instance the quotes got zapped. I can see the pencil in the corner that allows me to revise it and essentially re-add the quotes.

Do you guys see the pencil in the corner when your quotes disappear?

If so, I can show you how to get around it and make sure they’re included.

If not, I can keep doing what I’ve been doing when I see it happen, and “revise the post” back to include the quotes. So keep an eye out when it happens, and let me know please! The mods are still learning as we grow, and your help is appreciated.

I have seen that from time to time but I have not messed with it.

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Do me a favor and click on it the next time you get a chance, and take a screen shot if possible.

Okie Dokie.

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You’re my favorite sibling.

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this quoting thing happens to me on every post no matter how I post or from where, PC vs mobile.

I had to edit the post and add it again. Not sure why I would have to do this everytime I want to quote someone.

Click the reply button for which post you want to reply. Click the Quote whole post button on top left.


this is what I have been doin[quote=“OKILion, post:8, topic:1224, full:true”]
Click the reply button for which post you want to reply. Click the Quote whole post button on top left.


this is what I have been doing

Of course when I do it now, it isn’t deleting it… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Happens with me about half the time. After posting I get a message saying the system removed the original quote

You’re not doing it right… I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve heard that :wink: :joy:

Now it did it to me… Karma is a bitch lol

That’s the thing…the people who are getting their quotes zapped ARE doing it right. And that’s what is so confusing about the situation. As I said before, at the bottom of the screen below where I type it says “reply” and then “cancel” and then if I look to the right of that there is nothing. But if I hesitate for a second, suddenly a check mark will appear. I find that if I wait for the check mark, the chances of getting the quote to appear is substantially increased. But if I post without waiting a second, the quote goes away.

I’m throwing that little quirk into the mix in case it helps us solve the issue.

Now that I’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, I can tell a joke about how the moderator team has created a list of posters who are not worth quoting, so their quotes will always go away.

When I’ve used Discourse in another setting, it automatically eliminates a quote if:

  • The post being quoted immediately precedes yours


  • You’ve quoted the entire post

I can’t tell if that’s what’s always going on here, but that seems to be “a thing” with this software.

Oh, guess it works for me. I thought I was supposed to use the quotation marks…lol

That may be true but is not the big problem happening here.