Herbert Love?

Wow. McShay predicting Love before Herbert? If the Senior Bowl is an accurate representation of their ability, I wouldn’t only have Herbert above Love, but Garcia and Hurts, too.

Love , is a very questionable QB he was throwing a bunch of INT’s, his field vision sucks, and he has a real bad habit of locking onto his intended targets. If that wasn’t enough, some scouts had him as a 4th or 5th round prospect @ QB, while other scouts are high on him . I am not impressed myself

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2018 Love had 32 TD’s to 6 Int’s, it’s like he’s getting a pass for his 2019 numbers of 20 TD’s and 17 Int’s with a completion percentage of 61.9%. Kurt Warner from the combine, he thought Love was “up and down”. It only takes one team to fall in love with you, hell, look at what the Bears did to get Mitch. I personally don’t think this is a great draft for QB’s and the fact that a guy with a 20-17 ratio from last season is in the discussion as a top 10 I think is proof.

yes but you can’t have a crap season and then a good one , then say “oh he’s a top 10 QB.”

My guess is McShay probably has heard a team or two say they’d take him if he’s on the board. He is probably falling for hype.

But there are some that think Herbert lacks leadership qualities. So he maybe right.

He looked smooth as hell and confident at the Combine.

Definitely made me take notice.

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It all depends on who is doing the evaluating and what they covet , how much weight certain aspects have on the process …

Herbert is the most physically gifted of all the QB’s in this draft & I would say Love is right behind him. The physical tools are apparent , it’s the intangibles that get skewed and viewed very differently, a to each his own …If the idea is molding clay both offer incredible foundations to work with …I value both immensely and I would say that any Herbert fan would also like Love and vice versa .

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