Here is my hope/prediction

Goff/Rudolph- I would trade a 2023 6th that could become a 5th for Rudolph who will be a free agent after this year…. Rudolph was a stud in college, showed a big arm in the draft process, has a nice career rating, and his record as a starter is all you can hope for from your backup…. If Goff balls out, he’s solid insurance and will be reasonable to resign next year, as nobody will pay him more than 3-4M to be a backup- after showing nothing from our bench in 22’. If Goff struggles or is injured, we can give Rudolph a cheap 2 year deal, draft our QB, and save over 20M from Goff, and Rudolph will be just enough to make a rookie win the job…

Swift, J Will, Reynolds, Jackson, Iggy- I would keep them all. I’d like to see 25 carries a week, and 2-3 guys who can play on 3rd down. Plus Iggy in the KR role-

Hock, Wright, Phillips, Deese Jr- I feel like Shane Z is more a try hard practice guy. Deese could easily be Zylstra, but I think Deese violent hand and aggression is better suited as a H Back while Cabinda is out…

ASB, Chark, Reynolds, Raymond, Cephus, I’m reluctant to add Benson, and knowing our projected WR1 (Jamo) will be here by week 5-6 makes keeping 5 easier. We want to run the ball, will have many 2 TE sets, can put swift in the slot at times, and I really don’t see the value of Benson- UNLESS they like him that much as a gunner.

Decker, Jackson, Ragz, Big V, Sewell, Nelson, Sternberg, E Brown, Kraemer- I like what I’m seeing from Sternberg more than Benson for what we need to accomplish…

25 on offense-

Hutch, Harris, Bryant, JO, Cominsky- some of these guys like Cominsky and eventually Paschal are interchangeable from Edge to DT…

McNeill, Brockers, Hector, D Taylor, Levi- I think Buggs can be hidden in the PS, whereas Six Deuce might may be intriguing enough to scoop up. Not as beefy and girthy as we’d like, but 5 guys over 296 pounds is reasonable.

Rodrigo, Barnes, AA, Board, Pittman- I like Pittman on ST too much to keep another guy not likely to get a bunch of positional work.

Okudah, AO, Hughes, Parker, Price, W Harris - I like this group, and I will like it more with Jacobs back in the fold. Mike Hughes has talent and could end up being this years version of C Harris for us.

Walker, Elliott, K Joseph, Iffy- injuries scare me with this group, but I otherwise love the size, versatility and youth…

25 on D

Plus K, LS, and Foxy

PUP- Jamo, Paschal, Jacobs, Cabinda

Seeing the way the roster has played out thus far- I’d be intrigued to bring in a beefy NT like Malcolm Brown, and maybe a WR

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only thing I am trading for Rudolph is players we are cutting nothing more.
Personally I put in a claim for the QB the Jets cut and go that route.


Just say no to Rudolph. We dont’ need his energy on this team.


I personally really like the idea of claiming Chris Streveler. At this point, he would be my 1st choice as a backup QB.


I don’t mind that route either…

No. You don’t give up draft picks for a bench warmer.

  1. Brown
  2. Webb
  3. Streveler

Rudolph just feels like a usual Lion way of doing things, aren’t we all over that? No thnaks at least from me.