Here is the Math: Jameson Williams is a Bust!... If Jamo Can't beat out DPJ He is a Bust

Below are all the 1st round receivers taken since 2016. Few if any of the 1st round picks that had ~500ish yards or less their first season, except for Corey Davis and Mike Williams, turned out to be a serviceable starter let alone a megastar. At his current pace Williams isn’t even going to reach 300 yards combined in 2022/ 2023. Let’s hope he can turn his career around and join only two other players since 2016 and have a productive career.

Players with 500ish yards or less in year 1
Jahan Dotson 523yds (2022)
Treylon Burks 425yds (2022)
Jameson Williams 201yds (2022) – I add 2022 (41) & projected the rest of 2023 (160)
Kadarius Toney 420yds (2021)
Rashod Bateman 515yds (2021)
Henry Ruggs* 452yds (2020) – was on pace for 1,033 in year 2
Jalen Reagor 396yds (2020)
N’Keal Harry 105yds (2019)
Corey Coleman 413yds (2018)
John Ross 0yds/ 210yds (2017/ 2018)
Mike Williams 95yds/ 664yds (2017/ 2018)
Corey Davis 375yds (2017)
Laquon Treadwell 15yds (2016)
Josh Doctson 66yds (2016)

Players with more than 500+ish yards in year 1
Drake London 866yds (2022)
Garrett Wilson 1,103yds (2022)
Chris Olave 1,042yds (2022)
Ja’Marr Chase 1,455yds (2021)
Jaylen Waddle 1,015yds (2021)
DeVonta Smith 916yds (2021)
Jerry Jeudy 856yds (2020)
CeeDee Lamb 935yds (2020)
Justin Jefferson 1,400yds (2020)
Brandon Aiyuk 748yds (2020)
Marquise Brown 584yds (2019)
Calvin Ridley 821yds (2018)
DJ Moore 788 (2018)
Will Fuller 635yds 2016

  • Ruggs was arrested in year 2

In Jamo I HOPE.

We’re 6-2. Just enjoy it for a couple hours, will ya?


Best to ignore it, man. Those who worry and complain are always going to find a path to that basket.


Username checks out. :rofl:

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Even if he is/was a bust for the 12th overall pick… which none of your stats prove btw as every situation is unique… what do you want to do about it?

Does it even matter if they win?

The only reason to make this post has to be based around wanting to prove something that you cant prove, get a pat on the back, or anger those that want to defend him.

Like i said on the other post, the resource spent on him at this point doesnt matter anymore. Let him grow, guy has shown he has rare physical traits, or move the ■■■■ on. Either way this conversation is pointless. Leave the dude alone he didn’t draft himself at 12 coming off an acl and his career isnt set in stone. Let it breath a bit or move him somewhere that he wont have the stigma of his draft status held over his head on every play he does or doesnt make.

He made a big play yesterday to setup an important td drive. He also dropped a ball that he shouldve caught despite where it was placed. He also blocked well in the running game.

Move on and revisit at the end of the year or when he is traded.

Whichever you choose here is a hint on my response, it doesnt matter anymore that he was selected at 12. Message brad about your irritation i will gladly follow the 6-2 team he has built and look forward to them proving him more right than wrong.


It doesn’t show he is a bust. To try and normalize his stats and account for his unique circumstances I added his 2022 and 2023 stats. The stats unquestionably shows he is not in good company, and his odds of being superstar or even above average wr are not looking good.

He is also one heck of a blocker at 6’1" 175!

Gah-lee Jameson, we want to see you succeed.

No comments on almost 50% of first round WRs since 2016 being not just being starter but deep on the depth chart or even out of the league? The list surprised me in that regard.

Here’s the deal with Jamo.

He’s going to come along much slower than we’d all like, apparently. I mean, there is a chance that the lights will just come on one afternoon and he’ll never look back. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. He might have a learning disability of some kind, possibly on the ADD spectrum. It’s a very common issue and was a long time before it’s gotten the recognition it has today.


Jamo is not going anywhere. He will continue to work in practice. Work on his craft. Get reps and chemistry with Goff. At worst he’s always going to be a deep threat and that helps the offense even when he’s not getting targets. And he can be useful blocking as well.

I don’t think Jamo will bust, ultimately. Unless he develops some off-the-field issues going forward. He seems like a good kid. He will just take longer than average to get up to NFL speed.

He’s in a great situation. He’s got great coaches and supporting crew in his corner. He will be fine.

He might not have his true breakout game until next season. Who knows. The NFL is so week to week. He could have a two TD game next week and then the whole script is flipped.

It’s understandable being frustrated with him, for sure. Angry, even. But being reactionary about it on a game to game basis is a waste of time and our attention.


At this point, I’m just hoping he helps the team more than he hurts them… Which is a pretty low bar. Any splash plays we can get from him are a bonus…

@TouchdownMyPants i agree with your take. Hopefully we keep squeezing in some development against crap teams while we hopefully win. If he doesn’t show it by the end of the year he is a goner. But at least he can stretch the field in the interim.

stats are less applicable to this situation. this stafff is fantastic at developing guys. how many wanted to get rid of anzalone mid season last year?


I’d like to see the Lions let him return some kickoffs–just to see what he can do.

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@radiofriendly is that St. John, USVI in your profile icon?

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Or wanted to throw gibbs at holmes feet as a bust… some times it takes awhile for these kids to develop and they also need the opportunity to do so.


With his tendency to drop the football? :face_with_monocle:

Good news is on kickoffs and punts it is more acceptable to body catch :wink:

Good eye. It is, indeed.

The Jamo equation to me is simple…

Jamo has always been more talented than 99% of players on field with him and hasn’t had to pay attention to little details. In the NFL, everybody is talented and you can’t just get by on talent alone. Sure some guys who are absolute freaks can from time to time.

Jamo’s career trajectory will solely be based on how much work he puts in to those little details that will make him great.

Now I am a cheering everytime I see him in the field and keep waiting for him to make plays and stop this convo. So I’m not hating. It’s just my read on the situation.

I think we have a mature team in some ways and a culture that will help him iron this out.

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This is the a very good point. He has been so much faster he may not have had to learn to do the other finer skills a WR needs to succeed. In my opinion this is like when a 6’4" or taller receiver goes against a DB above 6 feet. The receiver wilts because they have depended heavily on their size for success. Jameson has, ARSB, to learn from, a player who has a different skillset than him. Let’s hope he can start building momentum into the next offseason.

Not me.

BTW. Love the fans in the blonde wigs