Here's a coronavirus, stay-at-home activity for ya: the 1991 Lions playoff win on YouTube

I was there. It was an incredible memory.


I was there too. 11 year old little kid.


How sweet was Erik Kramer on that opening drive?

Dallas: “We’re not going to let Barry Sanders beat us.”

Kramer: OK. Boom! Bam! Biff!


I was at one of the games against Dallas that year…but I can’t remember which game it was we went to.
Damn I am getting old! LOL

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Ah yes. The one and only time the Lions didn’t embarrass during the SB era. One of my asks of God, when I bite the dust… “can I visit that game? Be there in person?” What a great day that must’ve been.

We had soo many good players back then. I’m not sure how that happened though.
It’s like we actually drafted good players back then.

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We did, Kevin Colbert was one of the guys in charge of the draft in the 90’s and was one of the first guys broomed when Millen was hired. Went to the Steelers as Director of football operations

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Wow, there’s something I never knew before.
Thanks, I didn’t know Colbert ever worked for the Lions. It looks like we should have made him our GM instead of Millen.

Detroit Lions (19901999)

  • Pro Scouting Director
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Sorry, I don’t watch anything in black and white anymore.

I had this on tape for a few years, until my wife taped soap opera’s over it. I was devastated at the time! Thanks for sharing!

How 'bout that entire secondary? Ray Crockett and Melvin Jenkins (probably the weakest link) at CB; Bennie Blades and William White at safety?


Crockett and Jenkins were one of my favorite CB tandems.

But that whole team. There wasn’t a weak spot anywhere.

Just like the Lions though, we get a decent QB and we let him walk to Chicago.


I was at that game as a 15 year old sporting my Mike Utley “Thumbs Up” t-shirt.

To this day it was the most electric, loud, fun atmosphere I have ever been involved with. Barry busting that long run to put the cherry on top, was just great.

2 years later, I also went to the HOME playoff vs GB when busted coverage allowed Favre to chuck a bomb to Sterling Sharpe to gut us and beat us in the final moments. UGH.

Who knew that would be the last home playoff game for the franchise? More than a quarter century since our last sniff of success. Maybe this is why I am so damn bitter at the garbage owners and idiots running the show.

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It’s funny; I had no recollection of WR Mike Farr AT ALL. But he played his ass off in this game.

Mel Farr Superstar’s kid.

Well, you know, not counting the next game VS. Washington.

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Yeah, I believe we lost 44-0 in the season opener to them, then lost in the playoffs 34-10. While we had decent WRs, Herman was a pup and Willie Green the Touchdown machine just had a knack for TDs that year. Our defense was solid but not scary. We were young and talented, then got drilled by 2 major losses and never had a good QB to take us to the next level.

Favorite players outside of Barry and Spielman:

Ray Crockett
William White
Mike Cofer and his neck roll
Jerry Ball


Up-vote for the Jerry Ball reference!

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Look, I was 15 years old. When I would go to school on Monday’s, it was common for me to ask if anyone saw that Ball Sack yesterday?

Jerry Ball’s go-to move: Holding out all of the preseason so he didn’t have to do all that work, showing up for Game 1 and stuffing the run.

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