Herman Moore's Chris Spelman

recommendation. One Nov 28th. Someone asked me about so I looked it up today. They took ole Herman’s advice. NICELY done Herman Herman Moore’s recommendation

Of course, he could have been greasing the skids for decisions that already were made.

PR is a serious business.

I remember when International Racing Corp sent out “surveys” about the campgrounds around MIS. In reality, they were not surveying crap, they were using it as a way to do what they wanted but to make the customer feel like it was their idea.

Very much the same thing could be going on here.
Rod Wood may have already lined up the GM.
Spielman may have had already agreed to a figurehead role.
The PR department preps Herman Moore.
Moore runs it up the flagpole.
The crowd thinks about it for a while.
To everyone’s surprise and accolades, the Lions actually bring in Chris Spielman.

I smell a rat.


Could be but I doubt it. I always wondered why Chris was’t a coach somewhere.

LineBusy what you just mentioned was the backbone of America. Politicians do that all the time lol


He was, 1 year in arena league. 2 and 14 record I believe.

Hopefully that helped him learn what not to do