Hey HBO people

I thought it might be good for those of us who have HBO for a month to ask those of you who are regular subscribers, what else is worth watching besides Hard Knocks?

Some good shows for me are Westworld, Barry, Chernobyl, The Watchmen and True Detective. Lots of good shows


I’ll go a different way. Instead of picking a show and watching it for an hour, spend an hour perusing their entire catalogue. You will find that you may just end up keeping it. It is underrated from an expansive standpoint.

Boardwalk Empire

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The wire

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Peacemaker is entertaining in simple kind of way.
Chernobyl is incredibly well done.
Barry is good.
Game of thrones.
the wire

Actually, my fave was “Six Feet Under”.


Not a show but I really enjoyed Last Night in Soho which is currently on HBO Max.

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agree with chernobyl, somehow i’ve seen this already without being a subscriber. and of course GOT, too! thx for the list!

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going to give house of the dragon a chance

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I’m scared to watch after how GOT ended!? Was it any good?

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1st episode was fine. Setup piece with some time spent reacquiring the in world mythology.

So far so good.

Dammit I want a 2nd season of Peacemaker badly…

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Watched 2 episodes of peacemaker, couldn’t get into it. Same as the boys… Couldn’t get into either.

I agree on GoT… Last 2 seasons were way too rushed, and they had an amazing cast. But we’ll see where they go with HoD.

Last Week Tonight is the best show on TV.

I’m addicted to John Oliver. He’s hilarious.

GOT was great - I’m excited for House of Dragon but waiting to binge watch




Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Wire (phenomenal)

We Own the City

Mare of Easttown

Righteous Gemstones

John Oliver is almost worth it on his own though.

And yes, apparently I watch too much TV

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Just finished house of the dragon. ,season 1. Thought it was excellent! Hope it stays this good.

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