Hey stats guys,, what is the win loss record

of teams coming off byes and the team they are playing just has the normal one week to prepare?

In 2020 so far it’s 14 teams that have had their Bye Week those teams are are 9 -5 coming out of it =
64.2 % have won

In 2019 teams coming off the Bye Week were 10 - 22 winning percentage % 31.2

Now that has been decided.

Minnesota is 0-3 at home
Detroit is 3-1 on the road

I love trends.

Speaking of stats, I came across this nugget in an article yesterday

This century, the Chargers have lost 105 one-score games. Only the Lions have lost more, with 109.

There are times when I wonder why I’m a Lions fan. Like, a lot. Our halcyon days were the 50s and the 90s. Yay. Just about every other team on the planet will find at least a hint of success within every decade.

But both the Chargers and Lions are usually losing big and score in garbage time to make the score respectable. Philip Rivers is the king of garbage time stats.

That’s not necessarily true. The lions also lead in most 4th qtr leads lost AND most double digit leads lost in the last 10yrs. (No idea on the entire decade). So to say it’s mostly cuz we are way behind and come back isn’t totally true.

Nope it’s not. I actually debunked this narrative a few years ago. I broke down all of Stafford’s stats by each half and quarter. Then compared him to Brady, Brees and Rogers.

He was on par with all 3 and his stats were slightly better in the first half than in the second half. In fact he was better in the first half statistically than 2 out of the 3. His best statistical quarter is actually the 3rd quarter.

Stafford’s career passing attempts
Leading 1574 attempts TDs 75
Losing 3154 TDs 136

40 of his 83 losses have been by 2+ scores or more ( I have no idea how many game the Lions scored an inconsequential TD to make the score less than 2+ scores)
32 out of his 72 wins are by 2+ scores

Aaron Rodgers career passing attempts
Leading 2587 att 166 TDs
Trailing 2518 138

30 of his 66 career losses are by 2+ scores
79 out of 121 wins by 2+ scores

Tom Brady
Leading 4951 att TDs 294
Trailing 3312 167
31 out of his 68 losses were by 2+ scores
147 out of 225 wins are by 2+ scores

Leading 3624 att 237 tds
Trailing 4886 224
56 of his 114 losses 2+ scores
99 out of 168 wins have been by 2+ scores

Leading 2498 att 134 TDs
Trailing 3864 194
40 out of his 104 losses has been by 2+ score
85 out of 131 wins by 2+ scores

Kirk Cousins
Leading 960 att 49 TD
Trailing 1728 att 81 TDs
32 out of his 50 losses have been by 2+ scores
28 out of 48 wins have been by 2+

Rodgers and Brady definitely have more attempts and TDs while leading and winning. Rivers, Cousins, and Stafford definitely more when they are losing. Brees has more attempts while losing but less TDs.

This is why I consider Cousins, Stafford, and Rivers to be great garbage time QBs.
I know there will be all kinds of excuses out there, but Rodgers and Brady are head and shoulders above the other ones I have listed. They win and they go out and get the team to leads early and then are killing the clock in the 4th quarter, and not racking up meaningless stats in losses.

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Leading and trailing …is not what the point was …it was the late in games narrative .

Yes Stafford is getting tons of stats while trailing … It’s also harder to pass when trailing, every QB’s numbers clearly show that .

How much easier is it to pass when the Defense does not know what’s coming and you are winning ?

Look at Brady’s numbers and attempts when trailing . Stafford has nearly the same amount of passes while trailing as a guy in Brady who has played double the amount of games .

Winning and losing and how a team gets to each is not the same for different QB’s on different teams .

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Actually kudos to you for at least going to the splits …
The splits tell the story a million times better than stats as a whole do …

Break down the career splits of Stafford and Brady in like situations …I have .
It’s eye opening and near mirror like , even though the situations they are in were very different .

I love the trend of talking trends… just seems trendy to me!

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This is pretty easy to figure out.

2020 - 0
2019 - 0
2018 - 0 (@49ers?)
2017 - 0 (Panthers?)
2016 - 3 Bears, Texans, Packers (@Packers?)
2015 - 2 Chargers, Rams
2014 - 0
2013 - 0
2012 - 2 49ers, @Packers (Vikings?)
2011 - 0
2010 - 1 Eagles
2009 - 0

The ones I put question marks on are borderline. We scored with about 3 minutes left to bring it within 1 score and the game just kind of played out from there. The other ones were no brainers because we scored and the other team didn’t have to do anything but recover an onsides kick and burn our timeouts.

Yep…there was a time when Packers (Favre) at Detroit was a great bet …The Lions record did not say so but against the spread they were stellar .

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It’s also miss leading and likely why he used it.

Stafford’s break down of TD’s per Quarter and Yards per Quarter are close to those of the other QB’s mentioned. Which is what his original argument was.

Trailing and Leading stats are indications of the defense not the QB and the offense. What that Stat shows is that Stafford defense continues to put him in trailing positions far more than the other QB’s mentioned. It actually puts Stafford at a disadvantage more than those other QB’s mentioned as well.

Besides I’m not sure where he got those stats but they seem off to me based on the research I’ve done in the past. I’m too busy and too lazy to go down this road again so @lions2020 could we get a link?