Hey There. Ravens fan here

Hope you guys are doing well. Let’s get this out of the way, first…

I am not not here to trash talk your team or any other. I know what its like to support a struggling team, and I respect you guys for continuing to do so. Hell, Baltimore’s baseball team is the worst in the sport, so I have some idea how that feels.

I’ll be coming to Detroit for the game on Sunday, and I was just wondering what there is to do in the general vicinity of Ford Field before the game. It looks like a great stadium. My wife and I try to do one game a year on the road, and this is the one I picked.

If you guys have any questions about the Ravens, I’ll do my best to answer them. I am a 26-year season ticket holder (yep, since the beginning), and I’ve missed like 12 home games in all those years. On a Lions note, I did get to see Barry Sanders last game, though no one knew it at the time.


I think it’s Calvin’s Hall of Fame ceremony at halftime.

There’s a couple of casino’s (if you’re into that), GreekTown is closer than MGM or Motor City. I’ve walked to the game from both MGM and GreekTown, never stayed at Motor City. I’ve been comfortable walking around downtown at night, but usually just end up at the casino.

Haven’t been downtown Detroit in a minute, and I see Cheli’s is no longer there. I’m sure others can help give you some more input, but in the meantime, welcome to the forum!


Didn’t know that

Thanks, man!

That number bums me out.

The Ravens are still a new-ish team in my old man mind.


I hear ya! I can’t believe its been 26 years (this is the 26th). It’s been a hell of a ride!

If someone tells you something is on Grand River or Gratiot…tell them they need to be alot more specific than that!

@TheRavenLives, I hope you enjoy your visit to Ford Field. It’s an absolutely awesome venue.

The Dime Store on Griswold Ave is a great spot to grab breakfast on Gameday. Usually a wait so you would want to get there early.

Same for The Hudson Cafe. Before heading back, I also recommend Detroit Donuts if you like donuts.

Enjoy your trip bud.

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Pegasus Taverna serves up some nice Greek dishes as well. You won’t go hungry in Motown.


Gratiot is like an 80 mile long road. :rofl:

I just checked and it’s only 27 miles, but still. Big stretch!

I always go to the Red Wing Cafe because I’m always worried about not being able to get in anywhere else. Place is like 4 stories and filled with bars.

Used to go to my uncle’s bar (Proof) before that, but it went out of business. It was right there by the Red Wing Cafe. It’s a convenience store now.

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Dude you can go all the way up to Marysville via the old gratiot road!

Used ride my motorcycle from Mount Clemens up that way for fun

I beat its actually pretty close to 80 miles from downtown Detroit to saint Clair

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Forgot about Old Gratiot. That’s probably why I had 80 miles in my head. lol

That’s awesome man!

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Detroit Tigers play the KC Royals on Saturday night at CoAmerica at 6:10. CoAmerica is right next to Ford Field.


It’d be nice to see real baseball for a change!

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Yes sir. Chelios moved back to Chicago and took the restaurant with him. He sold the building to the Ilitch’s. I think there’s a new restaurant in there now called the Tin Roof or something. He actually moved Cheli’s Chili to Detroit from Chicago when he initially signed here.

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La Casa de la Habana cigar bar.-Chill

Hockeytown-Pregame beers and noise.

In that order.

Or go to Corktown and get smashed.

Or tailgate at Eastern Market


Was just gonna say eastern market, there’s some really good restaurants there, as well as shuttles and tailgating.

Around Ford field, it’s actually a good place to just walk around and check out. And of course the casinos.

Motown museum too!!

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