HO-LEE-SHIT: Lions said "No" to Joe Montana in 1993

Pat McAfee just talked about it with Barry.

Happened between '92 and '93: It was the year Montana brought the Chiefs to the AFC Championship.


Lions had Peete at QB.

Barry: “In one of his last games with the 49ers, he lit us up, before he went to the Chiefs. I learned years later he was interested in coming to the Lions.”


What The ■■■■ Wtf GIF


We’d have a Super Bowl right now. Maybe two.


And Barry would’ve surpassed Walter Payton.

This ■■■■■■■ organization.


I remember the sports writers talking about this (as a possibility) at the time

general consensus was that the line would get him killed

No doubt.

Was that ■■■■■■■ Thomas? That was, wasn’t it?
He was shit. Not Millen shit, but, the ■■■■■■■ idiot let Speilman walk.

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I cannot imagine a scenario where a front office says “No” to that.

It’s entirely incomprehensible.

Rodney Peete was middling, at best.

And we said, to a literal Hall of Famer who came to us with interest, thanks but no thanks.

I just can’t.

No, that was Chuck Schmidt.

Totally underrated on the Useless Bastard rankings, because he is flanked by Thomas and Millen.

They call this the Joyce DeWitt Phenomena…as she was pretty damn hot, but being sandwiched between Suzanne Somers and Jenilee Harrison, suffers in comparison.

Schmidt managed to run Barry off, so I guess he wanted to go out with a bang.

WCF was a steaming pile of clueless dogshit.


First time I’ve watched the Pat McAfee show. Their Lions “expert” is pretty clueless. Was mentioning the Barry period was when Martha was running the team

Lions lost both starting OGs, Utley during the 1991 season and Andolsek before the 1992 season started, and initially tried to fill those huge holes with 7th Rd pick Shawn Bouwens, 5th Rd pick Scott Conover, and Ken Dallafior. That didn’t work out so well.

Before the 1993 season, all three were replaced in the starting lineup with aging or second tier FAs like Bill Fralic, Dave Richards, and Dave Lutz. That didn’t solve the problem either.

For the 1994 season, it was back to Bouwens, Lutz stayed at RT, and Lions added Doug Widell. Not so good.

The 1995 season, where Tom Moore was the OC and the Lions set all kind of offensive records, had Widell at LG, Lutz moved from RT to RG, and Zefross Moss at RT.

The 1996 season saw Ray Roberts replace Loman Brown, Jeff Hartings and Mike Compton added to the OG positions, with Moss remaining at RT,

Through all 4 years, Glover remained the one constant at C.

1997 saw the same 1996 group, plus the consistently overmatched Larry Tharpe at RT instead of Moss.

No wonder Barry got frustrated and retired. There was almost no consistency along the OL and what was there was mostly bad.

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Pat McAfee is the Dr.Phil for Football Bro Jabronis

Then, he said, “yes”, to Scott Mitchell.
My blood is boiling over an event 35 years ago.

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I’ll stick up for him a little on this. His name is Evan Fox (aka Foxy) and he’s as diehard and knowledgeable as the rest of us. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on a temporary mental lapse. At least I hope so because yeah, that would be a major piece of false information stuck in his head.

Might also have been a little discombobulated that he was sitting 10 feet from Barry.

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Montana was already washed up. I didnt see the point in adding him at the time.

Haha pretty accurate.

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Joe Montana: I’d like to come to the Lions

Lions: Neah, were good with Rodney Peete thanks.

:sob: :sob: :scream:

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A) He wasn’t.
B) Even if he was, he was still 1000x the QB Rodney Peete was.


Even 1990 3rd Rd pick Neil O’Donnell or 4th Rd pick Scott Mitchell would have been better than Rodney Peete.

Heck, undrafted Erik Kramer was better than Rodney Peete.

Montana actually started more games than Rodney Peete in 93 and 94.

It would have been awesome to see him tossing balls to Moore and Perriman and handing off to Barry.

These are the kinds of stories I’m always interested to hear. At the same time they drive me absolutely crazy with the sheer stupidity this organization has displayed over the years.