HO-LEE-SHIT: Lions said "No" to Joe Montana in 1993

Glad I stumbled into this thread.

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Lions taking a FB, James Jones, in 1983, over QB Dan Marino was worse.

Danielson started 6 games in the strike shortened 1982 season and threw 10 TDs against 14 INTs.

Hipple was the QB and threw 12 TDs against 18 INTs in 1983,

Danielson was a little better in 1984 with a 17 TDs to 15 INTs ratio, but still the very definition of mediocrity.

Hipple started in 1985 with 17 TDs and 18 INTs.

Hipple started most of 1986, which brought “bust to be” Chuck Long in Rd 1.

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Or Jim Kelly. Or Willie Gault, Joey Browner, Roger Craig, Darryl Green, Darryl Talley, Henry Ellard, Keith Bostix, Gary Anderson.

Clown parade…

Well, that would’ve been truly delayed gratification.

One of the six quarterbacks taken in the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft, Kelly was selected 14th overall by the Bills. He chose to sign with the Gamblers instead and did not play for the Bills until the USFL folded in 1986.


Fuuuucking TERRIBLE

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Has there been a comment from Montana about this? Excuse me if it has been posted, must have missed it.

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Maybe WCF woulda paid him enough to skip the USFL!

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